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creator=Buoysel, Matze and Frz |
creator=Buoysel, Matze and Frz |
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articles=yes |
noarticles=15,961{{tt|+|as of February 15, 2013}} |
noarticles=16,463{{tt|+|as of April 13, 2013}} |
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forum=no |
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mascot=A green {{p|Pikachu}} |

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"Die deutsche Pokémon-Enzyklopädie"
PokéWiki's logo, featuring Greenchu
Language German
Status Active
Run 2005 - Present
Date opened August 2005
Creator Buoysel, Matze and Frz
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Number of Articles 16,463+
Mascot A green Pikachu
Website Main page

PokéWiki is a German language wiki that, like Bulbapedia, is a community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.


PokéWiki is, like the other members of Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis, an extension of a parent site, in this case, Filb.de. Since shortly after the initial development of Bulbapedia, various members of the FilbBoard proposed that there be a German-language version as well. Eventually, enough support came together to begin work on what would become PokéWiki itself in August of 2005.

Shortly after its inception, PokéWiki and Bulbapedia joined forces as the founding members of Encyclopaediae Pokémonis.

In August 2009, PokéWiki began a cooperation with a manga/anime and videogame magazine. This resulted in an extra page for PokéWiki in the magazine, bigger ads in the wiki and better covering of the server funds, which don't have to be completely payed by the admins anymore.

Like Bulbapedia finds a sort of mascot in Bulbasaur, with its logo being that of Bulbasaur's bulb with a Poké Ball on it, PokéWiki finds its mascot in a green Pikachu aptly known as Greenchu.

The current staff of the wiki consists of Buoysel, Matze, Sprayduck, Dusk, Lombrero, Shadowtweaker, DagobertDuck and Wenlok Holmes.

Server seizure

In late August 2008, PokéWiki and its parent site, Filb.de, had their server seized. Upon this, PokéWiki put up a notice explaining the situation. This is an excerpt of the notice left up:

As you might know, not only Filb.de and PokéWiki are operated on our server. Due to the high cost of a "root server", we have been sharing the server with a few other people. Because of the actions of one of those people, the complete server was recently seized.
This has expressly nothing to do with Filb.de or PokéWiki! [...]

By September 6, 2008, PokéWiki was partially restored using an old backup, with registration and editing locked.

On May 15, 2009, PokéWiki was opened again to the public.

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