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PokéNav Plus

A Pokémon Navigator Plus, more often referred to as PokéNav Plus (Japanese: ポケモンマルチナビ Pokémon Multi-Navi), is an electronic device found in Hoenn and an enhanced version of the PokéNav from Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. It was produced by the Devon Corporation under the orders of Mr. Stone. In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the PokéNav Plus is in the possession of the player from the start of the game and is found on the touch screen. It was introduced in Generation VI. Similar devices are the Pokégear, the Pokétch, the C-Gear, and the Holo Caster.



The AreaNav (Japanese: マップナビ Map-Navi) is an application for the PokéNav Plus that combines the Map and Trainer's Eyes functions of the original PokéNav along with several other useful features. This is the only app the player starts out with.

When the AreaNav's windowed mode is being viewed, if the player enters an area where a rematchable Trainer is ready to battle or where a Berry plant is ready for harvest, an icon will appear along the top of the AreaNav's window. If the icon is tapped, the AreaNav will open the appropriate tab in fullscreen mode. If the player is viewing a different PokéNav Plus app when such an area is entered, the icon will appear on the AreaNav's tab on the right.

In locations with multiple areas, these icons only appear if the player is currently in the area where the battle-ready Trainer or harvestable Berry plant is located. For instance, on Route 104, Rich Boy Winston and Lady Cindy can both rematch the player, but they are on different parts of the route. So if only Lady Cindy is ready for a battle, no icon will appear when the player is in the south portion of Route 104 where Rich Boy Winston is.


The Places tab shows Hoenn's basic Town Map. All locations have brief text descriptions. If the player has visited the location, it will also have a list of any notable facilities and, for cities and towns, a picture of the area.


The Pokémon tab shows the Pokémon Distribution of locations in Hoenn. If a location has catchable Pokémon, it will be marked by dots across the location. If the player has owned all of the Pokémon in a location that they are currently capable of catching (for example, ignoring fishing encounters if the player has no fishing rod), the dots will be white.

When a location is selected, the view shown of the area is often identical to the DexNav's catching progress view, showing a summary of the Pokémon in that location that have been owned. The only circumstance in which it differs is if the selected location has multiple areas (such as different rooms of a cave). Whereas the DexNav will display separate views for each of these areas, the AreaNav's Pokémon view condenses all of the areas into one view summarizing the whole location.

This tab becomes available once the player has the Pokédex.


The Trainers tab provides Trainer's Eye functionality similar to the original PokéNav's. If a location has any registered Trainers, it will be marked by dots across the location. Only specific Trainers can be registered, and in order to register them, the player must defeat them. If any registered Trainers are ready to battle the player again, the dots will be white.

When a location is selected, the AreaNav shows a list of the registered Trainers with their name, location, and the Pokémon on their team on the bottom screen. A profile of the selected Trainer is shown on the top screen.

This tab becomes available once the player has defeated the first rematchable Trainer (Youngster Calvin on Route 102).


The Bases tab tracks Secret Bases owned by the player and others the player interacts with. It indicates which location has bases that are not yet visited by the player and provides the name of each base's owner. It will also indicate the base that belongs to the player.


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The Berry tab keeps track of Berry Trees in Hoenn. It keeps track of what Berries were planted where and how long they've been growing. If a route has Berries growing on it that were planted by the player, it will be marked by dots along the route. If the player has no Berries growing anywhere in Hoenn, this tab will not be selectable.

When a route is selected, the AreaNav will show a list of the Berries planted on that route, based on an internal ordering of the Berry plots. Berries that are still growing will have a Berry sprout icon and say, "It has been <D> day(s), <H> hour(s), and <M> minute(s) since a Berry was planted on this site." when selected. If the Berry is ready for harvest, the icon shown will instead be a golden Berry fruit. This data does not update until the player exits out of the AreaNav's fullscreen mode.


Main article: DexNav

Obtained from Brendan/May on Route 101 after receiving the Pokédex. The DexNav (Japanese: ずかんナビ Dex-Navi) allows the player to see how many Pokémon they've collected in an area and to search for specific Pokémon they've already owned. It also allows the player to add overworld Pokémon they encounter to the Pokédex and provides information about hidden Pokémon.


Obtained from Wally before he leaves Petalburg Gym after helping him catch a Pokémon. The PlayNav (Japanese: プレイナビ Play-Navi) is an application for the PokéNav Plus that includes the bottom-screen functionality from Pokémon X and Y. This includes the Player Search System, Pokémon Amie, and Super Training.


Obtained from Mr. Stone at the Devon Corporation after getting the Devon Parts back from the Team MagmaOR/AquaAS grunt. BuzzNav (Japanese: テレビナビ TV-Navi) is an application for the PokéNav Plus that displays news reports from Mauville TV about the player's exploits in the game. It also includes StreetPass functionality that allows the player to receive news, Secret Bases, Mirage spots, and other data from players they pass by either in the real world or on the Player Search System.


  • The design of the PokéNav Plus appears to be based on the Game Boy Advance SP, similarly to how the Pokédex in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire appears to be based on the original Game Boy Advance. This is likely a reference to the original Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire debuting on the Game Boy Advance and also being playable on the later SP model.

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