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===Trainer's Eyes===
===Trainer's Eyes===
In {{v2|Ruby and Sapphire|s}}, the PokéNav will keep track of 69 unique Trainers and alert the user when they want a [[rematch]]. The only requirement is that the player must have obtained five Badges first. It also has information on [[Gym Leader]]s and [[Pokémon League]] members, though they cannot be battled through this function. There exists a hidden game mechanic that means the more often the player steps on to the route or cave where any of these unique Trainers are located, the greater chance the opponent Trainer in that area will be ready for a rematch. The amount of time for this effect to take place occurs at random.
In {{v2|Ruby and Sapphire|s}}, the PokéNav will keep track of 69 unique Trainers and alert the user when they want a [[rematch]]. The only requirement is that the player must have obtained five Badges first. It also has information on [[Gym Leader]]s and [[Pokémon League]] members, though they cannot be battled through this function. There exists a hidden game mechanic that means the more often the player steps on to the route or cave where any of these unique Trainers are located, the greater chance the opponent Trainer in that area will be ready for a rematch. After a certain number of steps, there is a chance that a Trainer will be ready for a rematch.
===Match Call===
===Match Call===

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A Pokémon Navigator (Japanese: ポケモンナビゲーター Pokémon Navigator), more often referred to as PokéNav (Japanese: ポケナビ PokéNavi), is an electronic device found in Hoenn. It was produced by the Devon Corporation under the orders of Mr. Stone, who wanted to find a way to keep track of a Pokémon's feelings. Mr. Stone gives it to the protagonist of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald for recovering the Devon Goods from Team Aqua or Team Magma. They appear to be small, compact-disc-shaped devices. It was introduced in Generation III. The counterpart to the PokéNav is the Pokégear in Johto region, the Pokétch in Sinnoh, and the C-Gear in Unova.

In the anime, Max has a PokéNav he received as a traveling gift from his parents. The main function is the map which slightly reduced the number of times that Ash got lost. In the Ever Grande Conference, it provided all the latest battle results along with statistics on each competitor.

They are chiefly useful for Coordinators to keep track of a Pokémon's status for Contests.



The PokéNav displays a map of Hoenn, along with the current location of its owner. It's also possible to zoom in to display a basic layout of towns and cities with important buildings differentiated by color.


The PokéNav checks the Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, and Tough condition of Pokémon in detail. It can be set to search only through party Pokémon, or all Pokémon owned combined.

Trainer's Eyes

In Ruby and Sapphire, the PokéNav will keep track of 69 unique Trainers and alert the user when they want a rematch. The only requirement is that the player must have obtained five Badges first. It also has information on Gym Leaders and Pokémon League members, though they cannot be battled through this function. There exists a hidden game mechanic that means the more often the player steps on to the route or cave where any of these unique Trainers are located, the greater chance the opponent Trainer in that area will be ready for a rematch. After a certain number of steps, there is a chance that a Trainer will be ready for a rematch.

Match Call

In Emerald, the Trainer's Eyes is replaced by the Match Call. In addition to the features of the Trainer's Eyes, it allows its user to call anyone who has had their PokéNav registered with theirs, similar to the cell phone feature of the Pokégear. An advantage the Match Call has over Trainer's Eyes is that after any of the unique Trainers are defeated, they identify themselves and have their number listed, which makes it easier to know where they are. The Match Call can also keep track of more Trainers than Trainer's Eyes, including having a few other non-Trainers, like the player's mother and Professor Birch, listed. It also allows for rematches with Gym Leaders.

Recorded Trainer listing

Person Location Strategy Trainer's Pokémon Self-Introduction
Devon Pres Mr. StoneE Rustboro City N/A N/A N/A
PKMN Prof. Professor BirchE Unknown N/A N/A N/A
Rad Neighbor BrendanE
Rad Neighbor MayE
Unknown Battle with knowledge!
I'm not so good at battles.
I will use various Pokémon.
I'll use any Pokémon.
I'll be a better Pokémon prof than my father is!
My Pokémon and I help my father’s research.
PKMN Trainer WallyRS
PKMN Lover WallyE
Unknown We let it all hang out. The 1st Pokémon I caught. Pokémon and I have grown stronger together.
Leader NormanRS
Reliable One DadE
Petalburg City I flexibly adapt my style. Grown in a balanced manner. Pokémon are my life. My chosen path is harsh...RS
I walk the 30 minutes from home to here every day.E
Calm & Kind MomE Littleroot Town N/A N/A N/A
Champion StevenRS
Hard as Rock StevenE
Unknown Attack the weak points! Ultimate Steel Pokémon. I’d climb even waterfalls to find a rare stone.
Elusive Eyes ScottE Unknown N/A N/A N/A
Leader RoxanneRS
Rockin' Whiz RoxanneE
Rustboro City Rock-type power attack. Rock-solid types are good.RS
I prefer Rock-hard Pokémon.E
Through battling, I want to learn all about Pokémon.RS
A leader of a big Gym bears a lot of responsibility.E
Leader BrawlyRS
The Big Hit BrawlyE
Dewford Town Direct physical action! Fighting Pokémon rule! The world awaits me as the next big wave!
Leader WattsonRS
Swell Shock WattsonE
Mauville City I choose to electrify. Get shocked by electricity! Wahahahaha! The secret to health is laughter!RS
One must never throw a match. Even I must not.E
Leader FlanneryRS
Passion Burn FlanneryE
Lavaridge Town Battle aggressively. Burn with passion! Wash away daily fatigue in hot springs completely!
Leader WinonaRS
Sky Tamer WinonaE
Fortree City I take advantage of speed. Graceful sky dancers. I can see the ebb and flow of the winds.RS
The ultimate would be to live as one with nature.E
Leader Tate&LizaRS
Mystic Duo Tate&LizaE
Mossdeep City We battle in cooperation. Always friendly Pokémon. We understand each other, and we understand others.RS
Papa has trouble telling the two of us apart!E
Dandy Charm JuanE Sootopolis City I use splendid waterpower. Pokémon of elegance! The adulation of beautiful ladies fills me with energy!
Elite Four Sidney Ever Grande City Offense over defense! The Dark side’s beauties. They said I was a punk, but I’m one of the Elite Four!
Elite Four Phoebe Ever Grande City Confuse and confound. There’s nothing definite. I wonder how my grandma at Mt. Pyre is doing?
Elite Four Glacia Ever Grande City I use items for help. Flaming passion in icy cold. The Ice-type can be better trained in this hot land.
Elite Four Drake Ever Grande City Harness strong abilities. The raw power of Dragons! I dedicate myself to the Pokémon that saved me.
Leader WallaceRS
Champion WallaceE
Ever Grande City Dignity and respect. I prefer Pokémon of grace. Aquatic illusions best suit my distinctive elegance.RS
I represent beauty as well as intelligence.E
Aroma Lady Rose Route 118 Becalm fighting emotions. Fragrant Grass Pokémon Soothing aromas make the body and mind healthy.
Ruin Maniac AndresE Route 105 I’m not very good at this. Ruin-exploration partners. I am searching for undersea ruins and relics.
Ruin Maniac Dusty Route 111 Overwhelm with power! Craggy Rock Pokémon. In search of ancient lore, I travel the world.
Tuber Lola Route 109 I'm going to try hard! Good swimmer Pokémon. I wish I could swim without using an inner tube.
Tuber Ricky Route 109 I don't know. I'll try hard. Water Pokémon are buddies. It's not like I can't swim. I just like my inner tube.
Sis and Bro Rita & SamRS
Sis and Bro Lila & RoyE
Route 124 We split our duties. We like friendly Pokémon. We enjoy Pokémon together as sister and brother.
Cooltrainer CristinE Route 121 I finish with power moves! A mix of different types. I aim to become the ultimate trainer!
Cooltrainer Brooke Route 111 Exploit the foe's weakness. Balance is crucial. My goal is to become the Pokémon Champion.
Cooltrainer Wilton Route 111 Upset the opponent. Type doesn't matter. I'm a top student at the Trainer's School.
Hex Maniac Valerie Mt. Pyre Slow, steady suffering Scary to meet at night. I see things that others can't see...
Lady Cindy Route 104 Anything to win. Gorgeous type! I have a pool specially for my Pokémon at home.
Beauty ThaliaE Abandoned Ship You’ll fall under my spell! Mature Water type. I dream of cruising around the world on a luxury liner.
Beauty Jessica Route 121 I'll lead you astray. Cute, of course. I love the Safari Zone. I seem to end up there.
Rich Boy Winston Route 104 Strategy? Who needs it? I spent big money on it! I, being rich, sleep in a custom Pokémon bed.
PokéManiac Steve Route 114 Wrestle down with power. Took all night to catch... Big, burly, and buff Pokémon are the best...
Swimmer Tony Route 107 Ram at full speed! Funky Water type! If I can't be out swimming, I'll be pumping weights.
Black Belt Nob Route 115 Grand slam pummeling! Fighting type Not to brag, but I can bust ten roof tiles!
Black Belt KojiE Route 127 Witness karate power! My partners in training! Let us discuss the matters of the world with bare fists!
Guitarist FernandoE Route 123 Rock to stunning sounds! Electric-and-sound combo! My compositions will shock and stun you!
Guitarist Dalton Route 118 I'll electrify you! They're Electric! I want to make people cry with songs from my heart.
Kindler Bernie Route 114 Burn it all down! Burn-inducing Pokémon. When you light a campfire, be sure there's some water.
Camper Ethan Jagged Pass Hang in and be tenacious! I'll raise any Pokémon. Pokémon raised in the wild grow strong!
Old Couple John & Jay Meteor Falls Our love lets us prevail. We've had them for years. Married 50 years, we've devotedly raised Pokémon.
Bug Maniac BrandonRS
Bug Maniac JeffreyE
Route 120 Attack in waves! Bug Pokémon are cool. I go into the forest every day to catch Bug Pokémon.
Psychic Cameron Route 123 Daze and confuse! Ones with weird powers. I can see through exactly what you're thinking!
Psychic Jacki Route 123 Battle at full power. Pokémon of many mysteries. When we spoke, I was really using telepathy.
Gentleman Walter Route 121 Calm and collected. Pokémon of distinction. We enjoy a spot of tea every day. It's imported.
School Kid Karen Route 116 I use my head to battle. I love any kind of Pokémon! My daddy gives me spending money if I ace a test.
School Kid Jerry Route 116 My knowledge rules! Any smart Pokémon! I want to be a Pokémon researcher in the future.
Sr. and Jr. Anna & Meg Route 117 We talk it over first. Pokémon that we both like. We're senior and junior students into Pokémon!
Pokéfan Isabel Route 110 Go for it, my dears! I have no likes or dislikes. While out shopping for supper, I battle too.
Pokéfan Miguel Route 103 I battle with love! A Pokémon raised with love! It's important to build trust with your Pokémon.
Expert Timothy Route 115 I see through your moves! The essence of Fighting. I'm not ready to give way to the young yet!
Expert Shelby Mt. Chimney Attack while defending. The Fighting type. Being old, I have my own style of battling.
Youngster Calvin Route 102 I do what I can. I use different types. I'm going to keep working until I beat a Gym Leader.
Fisherman Elliot Route 106 I battle patiently. Water Pokémon to battle! I'm the world's only guy to catch a huge Pokémon!
Triathlete Isaiah Route 128 Exploit the environment! All hail the Water type! I won't be beaten by some beach bum Swimmer!
Triathlete Maria Route 117 Speed above all! I use a speedy Pokémon. A marathon is a challenge against your own self.
Triathlete Abigail Route 110 Defense is crucial. My Pokémon is solid. I started this for dieting, but I got right into it.
Triathlete Dylan Route 117 Strike before stricken! A fast-running Pokémon! If you ran and ran, you'd become one with the wind.
Triathlete Katelyn Route 128 All-out offensive! Water Pokémon rule! I must swim over 6 miles every day.
Triathlete Benjamin Route 110 Push and push again! The strength of Steel. If you’re sweating, get fluids into you regularly.
Triathlete PabloE Route 126 Draw the power of Water. Toughened Water Pokémon Training Pokémon is good, but don’t neglect yourself.
Dragon Tamer Nicolas Meteor Falls It's about Pokémon power! See the power of Dragons! I'll become legendary as the strongest one day!
Bird Keeper Robert Route 120 I'll show you my technique! Elegantly wheeling Birds. My Bird Pokémon, deliver my love to that girl!
Ninja Boy Lao Route 113 You'll suffer from poison! Poisonous Pokémon. I undertake training so that I may become a ninja.
Battle Girl Cyndy Route 115 The first strike wins! Speedy Fighting type. If my Pokémon lose, I'll carry on the fight!
Parasol Lady Madeline Route 113 Go, go, my Pokémon! I'll raise anything. UV rays are your skin's enemy. Get protected.
Swimmer Jenny Route 124 No mercy! Cute Water Pokémon I have too many fans. I was interviewed on TV.
Picnicker Diana Jagged Pass I think about this & that. I like all Pokémon. What lies beyond that yonder hill?
Twins Amy & Liv Route 103 We battle together! We train together! We like the same Pokémon, but different desserts.
Sailor Ernest Route 125 I force things with power! Water and Fighting types Seamen are rough spirits! Any complaints?
Sailor CoryE Route 108 Up for a fight anytime! Water Pokémon are my faves! If you want to shout loud, suck in air with your belly!
Collector Edwin Route 110 Protect Pokémon from harm. I love rare Pokémon. I want to collect all the world's rare Pokémon.
PKMN Breeder Lydia Route 117 I count on power. Pokémon are my children. It takes knowledge and love to raise Pokémon.
PKMN Breeder Issac Route 117 Full-on attack! Anything. I'll raise it. I give them Pokéblocks for going after Contest titles.
PKMN Breeder GabrielleE Mt. Pyre I raise Pokémon with care. Fun-to-raise Pokémon. Treat every Pokémon with respect.
PKMN Ranger Catherine Route 119 I believe in my Pokémon. I like strong Pokémon. I'm training for rescue work with my Pokémon.
PKMN Ranger Jackson Route 119 I attack in waves. Different types. Those who destroy nature must never be forgiven!
Lass Haley Route 104 I'll show you some guts! Cute Pokémon are my faves! After a battle, I always bathe with my Pokémon.
Bug Catcher James Petalburg Woods Lightning-fast attack! Bug Pokémon are number 1! If you want to catch BUG Pokémon, wake up early.
Hiker Trent Route 112 I battle with power. Hard-bodied Pokémon. I've been planning a month for today's hike.
Hiker SawyerE Mt. Chimney I like it hot! Hot Pokémon! As much as I love Pokémon, I surely like hiking!
Young Couple Lois & HalRS
Young Couple Kira & DanE
Abandoned Ship Lovey-dovey strategy! Lovey-dovey Pokémon! We're lovey-dovey! Forever lovey-dovey!


The PokéNav will display the Ribbons the Pokémon have acquired, either via Contests or special events. This function can only be unlocked when a Pokémon gains a Ribbon.

In the anime

PokéNav in the anime

Max receives a PokéNav in the episode There's no Place Like Hoenn given to him by his dad as a traveling gift and to guide them in their journey across Hoenn. Another function of the PokéNav, as seen in the episode Shocks and Bonds, can also identify various Trainers like Clark. In The Right Place and The Right Mime, Tracey upgrades Max's PokéNav so it can locate the Battle Frontier facilities. Scott, the owner of the Battle Frontier, also has a PokéNav.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Ruby is the first main character to use this device, first receiving a PokéNav from Wally as thanks for helping him catch his first Pokémon, a Kecleon. Like in the games, it contains information regarding the map of the Hoenn region, and can view a Pokémon's condition stats, and its current level. The latter feature was used especially by Emerald for his Battle Frontier challenges, as while he had no interest in Pokémon Contests like Ruby did, the PokéNav was needed to see levels and stats for the borrowed Pokémon from the Battle Factory.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring the PokéNav in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
PokéNav T EX Ruby & Sapphire Uncommon 88/109 Expansion Pack Uncommon 052/055
      Mudkip Constructed Starter Deck   015/019
      Torchic Constructed Starter Deck   015/019
      Treecko Constructed Starter Deck   016/019
      Flygon Constructed Starter Deck   015/019
      Salamence Constructed Starter Deck   015/019
      Metagross Constructed Starter Deck   015/019
EX Emerald Uncommon 81/106 Lucario Quarter Deck   008/015
EX Crystal Guardians Uncommon 83/100 Ocean's Kyogre ex Constructed Starter Deck   011/016
      Earth's Groudon ex Constructed Starter Deck   013/016


  • In Emerald, Scott cannot be called while he is in the Battle Frontier because it is out of the service area. However, any other Trainer may be called from the Battle Frontier, and other Trainers may call the player.


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ポケナビ
England Flag.png English PokéNav
Mandarin Chinese 神奇寶貝領航員 Shénqíbǎobèi Lǐnghángyuán
Finland Flag.png Finnish PokéNav
France Flag.png European French PokéNav
Germany Flag.png German PokéNav
Italy Flag.png Italian PokéNav
Spain Flag.png European Spanish PokéNav

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