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Pokemon Fanon Logo.png
Language English
Status Active
Run March 2007 - Present
Date opened May 2006
Creator Plateface
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Number of Articles 5,517 (as of December 20, 2011)
Mascot Shiny Steel Arceus
Website Main Page

The PokéFanon Encyclopedia is a Pokémon fanon-based wiki that was created by Plateface in May 2006. The Wikia-based wiki features fan-made Pokémon, regions, games and stories.



  • KPZSR1 (adopted wiki from inactive staff, owner)
  • Ryushusupercat
  • Universalguardian1003


  • Commander Lightning (head administrator and bureaucrat adviser, currently has bureaucrat access, but isn't officially a bureaucrat)
  • Intrudgero98
  • 1LugiaLova


  • Hyper Zergling
  • NikkieJay
  • MudkipSpark
  • Artemiscat55
  • Naruruler12

Chat Moderators

  • E-113:Xi
  • JohnnyD-the-VGNerd
  • Kerauno
  • LoonyChris96
  • The Lone Centurion

Past staff

  • Plateface (inactive/retired founder, keeps bureaucrat status as an honor)
  • KangasKid18 (inactive and demoted bureaucrat)
  • Cipher (inactive and demoted bureaucrat)
  • Crazy Weavile (inactive and demoted bureaucrat)
  • RMXPUser (inactive and demoted bureaucrat)
  • DryGuy (Inactive and demoted administrator)
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