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<ab>Sub-topics include:
<ab>Sub-topics include:
'''Video Gaming''': Let's Plays, Guides and Reviews (one sub-topic)
'''Video Gaming''': Let's Plays, Guides and Reviews (one sub-topic)
'''Computers & Technology''': Life, The Universe, and Everything, Webmaster's Discussion/ab>
'''Computers & Technology''': Life, The Universe, and Everything, Webmaster's Discussion</ab>
===Off-topic Discussion===
===Off-topic Discussion===

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The PokéCommunity
"We are still working on a better slogan!"
PokeCommunity Banner.png
The current banner
Language English
Status Active
Run  ??? - Present
Date opened  ???
Creator Master Kwesi Nkromah
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum The PokéCommunity forums
Mascot None
Website Main page

The PokéCommunity is a Pokémon forums website that operates similarly to the Bulbagarden forums. It has gained notability for housing one of the largest English ROM hacking communities on the internet.


Official Forums

The Official Forums section contains things such as the Community Announcements, where the Community Rules and Donations and Supporter Benefits can be found, Community Questions & Feedback, where members can discuss questions and concerns they may have about the forums, and a New Users / Welcome forum. It is also common for users that have gone on hiatus to re-introduce themselves in the New Users Welcome thread.

Members were once able to request username changes in the Community Questions & Feedback forum, but this put heavy strain on the server and was eventually abandoned. Members were given the chance to choose their final name change in the weeks leading up to the removal of this feature.

Current Generation Pokémon Gaming

The Current Generation Pokémon Gaming forum houses all threads pertaining to the fourth and fifth generations. These topics include the following: Black and White, Fourth Generation Games (DS), Trade Corner, and Competitive Battling Center.

Sub-topics include:
Competitive Battling Center: Tournaments & Events, In-Game Team Help

General Pokémon Gaming Discussions

The General Pokémon Gaming Discussions includes a wide variety of games which users are allowed to comment on, ask questions, and the like. These topics include the following: Gaming Central, Challenges, Advanced Generation Games (GBA), Metal and Color Generation Games (GB/GBC), and Spinoff Games.

Alternative Pokémon Discussions

The Alternative Pokémon Discussions include things such as the anime, manga, and much more. These topics include: Pokémon General, Pokémon Anime, Pokémon Clubs, Pokémon Trivia, and Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Sub-topics include:
Pokémon General: Pokémon Manga/Comics, Pokémon Voting Polls
Pokémon Anime: Episode Discussion
Pokémon Trading Card Game: TCG Deck Reviewing, Fake Cards

Creative Discussions

The Creative Discussions usually include things that aren't necessarily Pokémon related. These topics include: Art Gallery, Fan Fiction and Writing, Roleplay Corner, Emulation, and Game Development.

Sub-topics include:
Art Gallery: Pixel Art, Pixel Projects, Graphics & Photography, Competitions
Fan Fiction and Writing: Poetry, Writer's Lounge, Fanfiction Archive
Roleplay Corner: Roleplay Lounge
Emulation: ROM Hacking, Tutorials, Research & Development, Toolbox, Hacks Showcase, Progressing Hacks, Sideshow Showcase, Team Discussions
Game Development: The Showcase, Beginner's Showcase, Tutorials and Resources, Pokémon Essentials

Technology & Media

The Technology & Media forums include things such as other video games, anime, manga, technology discussions, and even news about the real-world. These topics include: Video Gaming, Computers & Technology, Japanese Entertainment, Culture and Media, and Tabletop Games.

Sub-topics include:
Video Gaming: Let's Plays, Guides and Reviews (one sub-topic)
Computers & Technology: Life, The Universe, and Everything, Webmaster's Discussion

Off-topic Discussion

The Off-topic Discussions are one of the most popular forums on the site. There, users are able to talk about most anything they feel they want to. Topics here include: Other Chat and Discussion, Other Voting Polls, Other Clubs, and Other Trivia.



  • Master Kwesi Nkromah (Community Site Founder)
  • Rukario

Assistant Administrators

  • Ausaudriel
  • Morkula
  • Sylphiel

Staff Administrators

  • Hiroshi Sotomura
  • Lightning
  • parallelzero

Super Moderators

  • Drew
  • Hiiro
  • Luke
  • Patchisou Yutohru
  • Went

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