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Language English
Status Podcast Active
Website Active
Run Podcast June 2009 - Present
Website June 2009 - Present
Podcast debuted June 17th, 2009
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Website opened February XX, 2005
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Creator(s) Asad Naseem
Host(s) Asad Naseem
Number of Episodes
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Website PokéCollection
Feed PokéCollection RSS feed PokéCollection on the iTunes Store PokéCollection can be found on the Zune Marketplace.

PokéCollection originally began as a fan-based YouTube channel, launched on June 17th 2009, and is run by Asad Naseem. The channel focuses on interactivity and integration in the form of interactive videos, online live streams, and regular communication with the Pokémon community on and off YouTube. The videos often involve many members of family and friends. It is primarily vlog-based, as it involves the documentation of a large collection over time. However, more recently it has evolved to include a larger source of information, in addition to the showcasing of their collection. More recently, PokeCollection has branched out into other forms of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and soon an official website. In 2011, PokeCollection became sponsored by a number of companies officially licensed as Pokémon product distributors, mainly in Australia and New Zealand, including Banter Toys & Collectibles (the official distributor of the Pokémon TCG in Australia and New Zealand), Beyond Home Entertainment (the official distributor of the Pokémon anime in Australia and New Zealand), in addition to more recent support by Tomy, Nintendo, Siren Visual, Madman Entertainment, Warner Music, Bluemouth Interactive, and more. As such, PokeCollection has become a source of highlights, often made exclusive internationally, with regular additional and direct input from The Pokémon Company International.

The aim of PokeCollection is to provide a family-friendly zone for fellow Pokémon fans worldwide, providing regular and reliable information pertaining to the Pokémon franchise, with a particular focus on providing an interactive and integrative experience with the audience.

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