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Poké (Japanese: ポケ Poké) is a type of currency used in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world.

Poké is obtained by finding it on the ground in Mystery Dungeons or selling items to Kecleon Shops. Just like in the main series games, Poké can also be collected by using Pay Day.

Poké may be spent on various food items, TMs, and other goods in Kecleon Shops. Poké can also be spent at the Gulpin Link Shop, Wigglytuff Club, Croagunk's Swap Shop, Xatu Appraisal, and Secret BazaarS.

If the player or, prior to being able to change team leader, the partner, gets defeated inside a dungeon, the team will lose all of its current moneyRBTD or half of its current moneyS. However, money kept at the Felicity BankRB or Duskull BankTDS will not be lost.

In Gates to Infinity, Poké is referred to by characters as their overworld sprite. It has a downloadable dungeon named Poké Forest named after it, which has Poké in most rooms.

Games Description
PMDRB Money used at shops, etc.
PMDTDS Money used at shops and for other purchasing purposes.

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