Poffin House

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Inside the Poffin House

The Poffin House (Japanese: ポフィンりょうりハウス Poffin Cooking House) is a house in Hearthome City located west of the Poké Mart. It is the only place where players can make Poffins, a form of Pokémon food used to raise a Pokémon's Super Contest stats. It contains just one room, which has various non-player characters and a Poffin making machine inside.

The Poffin making machine is on the left side of the room; a woman watches over it. To make Poffins, players must speak with her. By throwing in Berries and stirring the liquid, Poffins are cooked over a hot element. The level of the Poffin is dependent on the player's mixing technique—and the number of people making Poffins at the same time.

Although there are many NPCs inside, none of them will offer to make Poffins together with the player (although they will share their advice for making a perfect Poffin). This is unlike the Pokéblock-making areas of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, where up to three non-player characters will assist the player in his or her endeavors. Instead, to achieve the maximum quality of their Poffins, players must work together with their friends over local wireless and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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