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===Poffin levels===
===Poffin levels===
Poffin levels determine how much a Poffin will affect a Pokémon's [[Contest condition|condition]]. Every Berry has a base level, which is the level you would receive if the Poffin were created in 60 seconds.
Poffin levels determine how much a Poffin will affect a Pokémon's [[Contest condition|condition]]. Every Berry has a base level, which is the level that would be received if the Poffin were created in 60 seconds.
Poffin levels can be improved by making the Poffin in earlier time, given by the formula:
Poffin levels can be improved by making the Poffin in earlier time, given by the formula:

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A Poffin Case, which contains Poffins

A Poffin (Japanese: ポフィン Poffin) is an item, introduced in Generation IV. Its name is a portmanteau of the words Pokémon and muffin. However, despite the name, it seems to bear a closer resemblance to a bun or a cookie.

Poffins are the successors of Pokéblocks in the sense that they raise either the Beauty, Tough, Cute, Cool, or Smart condition of a Pokémon in a Pokémon Super Contest, when fed to the Pokémon. However, they are different in how they are created. As in the third generation, Pokémon favor different types of flavor depending on their Nature.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the only way to obtain Poffins was to make them at the Poffin House. However, in Pokémon Platinum, some Poffins may also be purchased in the Veilstone Department Store basement. In all three versions, two to four players can also work over Wi-Fi together to make Poffins.

Making Poffins

In order to create a Poffin, each player must have a Poffin Case and at least one Berry. Once these items are obtained, the player must go to Hearthome City, and then head to the Poffin House, which is west of the Poké Mart.

From there, the player must talk to the NPC standing by a pot to create Poffins. Poffins may be made by either the player alone or with up to four friends via the DS's built in local wireless feature. After this, the player chooses a Berry, similar to how Pokéblocks are made. Using the stylus, the player must stir the Poffin's dough around until it turns brown and spotted. The player should note that only 100 Poffins can be stored in the Poffin Case.

Poffin levels

Poffin levels determine how much a Poffin will affect a Pokémon's condition. Every Berry has a base level, which is the level that would be received if the Poffin were created in 60 seconds.

Poffin levels can be improved by making the Poffin in earlier time, given by the formula:

Poffin Level Formula.png, where B is the base level, T is the time taken, and M is the sum of burns and spills.

For example, an Aguav Berry has a base level of 14. This means completing in 60 seconds with 0 burns and 0 spills will yield a level 14 Poffin: 14 * 1 = 14. If, however, the Poffin was created in 40 seconds, it would be 14 * 3/2 = 21. The level 21 Poffin then contributes 21 condition stat points upon consumption (assuming a neutral Nature).

Although logically this would imply that the higher level is better, this is only true for identical Poffins. This is because Poffins have smoothness which contributes to a Pokémon's sheen level. A Pokémon's sheen cannot exceed 255 and can never be reset. Thus, the choice of Poffins has a big influence on the development of a condition.

Overflows and burns

Players may notice that while making a Poffin, they have to stir it at a certain speed. Otherwise, it could overflow or burn. Spills are caused by stirring too fast, and burns are caused by stirring too slow.

  • In the first stage of the Poffin, it is doughy and easy to spill. The color of the flames around the edge of the Poffin Pot will be orange. It is wise to start slow to prevent spillage, but not too slow to prevent burning it.
  • At the second stage, the batter's "middle stage," the flames will turn red and the dough brown. A faster stir is to be used, though it is still possible to spill.
  • Once the flames around the edge of the Poffin Pot turn blue, it will be impossible to spill dough, so the player should stir as fast as possible until the Poffin is complete.

The faster the Poffin is made, the higher its level will be. The more players that worked together to cook the Poffin, the more Poffins they will each get: a player alone will cook only one Poffin, but four players working together will each get four Poffins.

Smoothness and sheen

A Pokémon's sheen determines how full the Pokémon is. Every Poffin has a sheen, which is converted to the Pokémon's upon consumption. Pokémon can have a maximum of 255 sheen and any more will round down to 255, but eating high-sheen (high smoothness) Poffins at 240-250 will not scale the Poffin's effect. As such, Pokémon can eat high-ratio Poffins until they nearly max out the sheen level, then a single high-sheen Poffin to get the maximum possible in a stat. Sheen cannot be reset. Once a Pokémon has 255 sheen, they cannot change stats. Thus, Ribbons of all Super Contest ranks on a single Pokémon is extremely hard to attain.

Smoothness determines how much the Pokémon's fur (sheen) meter is affected. A lower smoothness means that the fur meter does not fill up as much when feeding a Poffin to a Pokémon. Therefore, since Pokémon can no longer eat Poffins when their fur meter is maxed, it is best to aim for a low smooth rating in order to increase the amount of Poffins one can feed a Pokémon. Smoothness of a Poffin can be seen in the Poffin Case, and varies depending on the Berry used. For example, a Poffin created with a Wiki Berry will have a smoothness of 24: 11 to consume until the Pokémon is full (or 10, and any other Poffin).

Types of Poffins

Flavor Condition raised Berries suggested
Bitter Smart Rawst Berry Rawst Berry Lum Berry Lum Berry Nanab Berry Nanab Berry Aguav Berry Aguav Berry Haban Berry Haban Berry Jaboca Berry Jaboca Berry
Spicy Cool Cheri Berry Cheri Berry Leppa Berry Leppa Berry Figy Berry Figy Berry Pinap Berry Pinap Berry Tanga Berry Tanga Berry Enigma Berry Enigma Berry
Sweet Cute Pecha Berry Pecha Berry Persim Berry Persim Berry Mago Berry Mago Berry Bluk Berry Bluk Berry Kasib Berry Kasib Berry Custap Berry Custap Berry
Dry Beauty Chesto Berry Chesto Berry Oran Berry Oran Berry Wiki Berry Wiki Berry Pamtre Berry Pamtre Berry Charti Berry Charti Berry Micle Berry Micle Berry
Sour Tough Aspear Berry Aspear Berry Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry Iapapa Berry Iapapa Berry Wepear Berry Wepear Berry Colbur Berry Colbur Berry Rowap Berry Rowap Berry
Mild Multiple All Berries not listed above

There are also "hybrid" Poffin flavors such as Bitter-Spicy and Sweet-Sour which increase two attributes at once. They are primarily the color of the first attribute, with small bits of the color of the second attribute on top, similar to sprinkles.

The Foul Poffin is a very low-level Poffin (Level 2 or 3) that is a result from a large amount of burns during the making of the Poffin. It may also result when, in multi-player mode, the same Berry is put in by both players. It is a dark gray color.

The Rich Poffin looks similar to the Foul Poffin, but is a lighter gray. It too, is often low-level. It raises three attributes.

The Overripe Poffin is often high-level, and is similar to Mild Poffins. It raises four or five attributes. It is very light gray.

The Mild Poffin is any Poffin with a level higher than fifty, taking precedence over all other Poffin types. It raises all five attributes. It has a golden color with yellow-white sprinkles on top.


Flavor Spicy Dry Sweet Bitter Sour
Spicy Spicy Poffin.png Spicy-Dry Poffin.png Spicy-Sweet Poffin.png Spicy-Bitter Poffin.png Spicy-Sour Poffin.png
Dry Dry-Spicy Poffin.png Dry Poffin.png Dry-Sweet Poffin.png Dry-Bitter Poffin.png Dry-Sour Poffin.png
Sweet Sweet-Spicy Poffin.png Sweet-Dry Poffin.png Sweet Poffin.png Sweet-Bitter Poffin.png Sweet-Sour Poffin.png
Bitter Bitter-Spicy Poffin.png Bitter-Dry Poffin.png Bitter-Sweet Poffin.png Bitter Poffin.png Bitter-Sour Poffin.png
Sour Sour-Spicy Poffin.png Sour-Dry Poffin.png Sour-Sweet Poffin.png Sour-Bitter Poffin.png Sour Poffin.png

Foul Rich Overripe Mild
Foul Poffin.png Rich Poffin.png Overripe Poffin.png Mild Poffin.png

In the anime

Ash, Dawn, and Brock making Poffins

In the Pokémon anime, Poffins were introduced in Oh Do You Know The Poffin Plan!, in which Dawn saw a poster for a Poffin cooking class and convinced Ash and Brock to take the class with her. She told them that Poffins are snacks made from Berries and Ash quickly associated them with Hoenn's Pokéblocks. Dawn also mentioned that Poffins are given to Pokémon to keep them healthy and looking good and revealed that she used to help her mother when she was making Poffins.

The class was taught by Forsythia, who explained that in order to make Poffins, one has to put the Berries in a pot of cold water and turn the heat up while stirring without interruptions, since the constant stirring is what gives Poffins their flavor. Brock wrote down these instructions on a notebook, which helped him when he and the others were making Poffins by themselves. Dawn used the Kitchen Timer on her Pokétch to time her cooking, explaining to Ash that Poffins may burn if kept on the heat too long.

Ash's burnt Poffins

Once Dawn's Poffin dough was fully cooked down, she poured it into the mold, with Brock watching closely and taking notes. Unlike Dawn and Brock, Ash had trouble stirring and ended up with a plate full of burnt Poffins. When the group brought their Pokémon out of their Poké Balls to eat the Poffins, Brock's Pokémon seemed to like his Poffins, while Ash's Pokémon rejected his burnt Poffins to eat the ones Forsythia had made. Dawn's Pokémon did not like the Poffins she had prepared and she became confused since she had used the recipe Johanna always uses when making Poffins for her Glameow. Although her Pokémon disliked the snacks, Meowth from Team Rocket loved it. Later, Dawn tried a different recipe she made especially for her Pokémon, and this time Piplup, Buneary, and Pachirisu all approved the taste of her Poffins.

Since then, Dawn has often been seen giving Poffins to her Pokémon, either to motivate them during training sessions or to compensate them for their efforts in Pokémon Contests. Pachirisu is particularly fond of them and its love of Poffins has been featured in multiple episodes. In Settling a Not-So-Old Score!, Pachirisu came back to its senses after the scent of a Poffin Dawn had tossed in the air captured its attention. In Another One Gabites the Dust!, it started a rivalry with Ursula's Gabite after she stepped on its Poffin. Ursula offered one of her own Poffins to Pachirisu, but it refused, causing Ursula to take offense.

Dawn was also seen making Poffins in Hungry for the Good Life! during her stay at Mr. Backlot's mansion. A gluttonous Swinub living in the Trophy Garden found her Poffins to be delicious and could not get enough of them. It was later caught by Dawn. Dawn's Poffins have also appeared in the second Diamond & Pearl series movie, Giratina and the Sky Warrior, in which Dawn gave Shaymin some of her Poffins, which Shaymin enjoyed. However, they seemed to cause Shaymin to need to release smoke through its mouth after swallowing.

In the manga

In Pokémon Adventures manga

Diamond making Poffins

Diamond is a natural at making high quality Poffins and provides a batch for Platinum to use in preparation for her Contest.


  • If a Poffin is hacked to have a level over forty-nine, it will act as a Mild Poffin, raising all five attributes.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶芬 Bóufān *
麵寶 Mihnbóu *
Mandarin 寶芬 / 宝芬 Bǎofēn *
麵寶 / 面宝 Miànbǎo *
Finland Flag.png Finnish Poffini
French Canada Flag.png Canada Poffin*
France Flag.png Europe Poffin
Germany Flag.png German Knurspe
Italy Flag.png Italian Poffin
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포핀 Poffin
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pokocho
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Bánh nướng

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