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PSS redirects here. For the system that allows Pokémon to be stored in boxes, see Pokémon Storage System.
The PSS screen
First PSS menu
Second PSS menu

The Player Search System (Japanese: プレイヤーサーチシステム Player Search System), or PSS (Japanese: PSS PSS) for short, is a feature that first appears in Pokémon X and Y and is the Generation VI version of the C-Gear. It has many different functions, including the GTS, Wonder Trade, O-Powers, and more. In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the PSS is accessible via the PlayNav app of the PokéNav Plus.

The main window of the PSS divides other players into three categories: Friends, Acquaintances, and Passersby, each of which can have a maximum of 100 players. A Passerby will automatically become an Acquaintance if a Battle or Trade (including Wonder Trades) is made with them. After trading or battling with an Acquaintance, a prompt to add them to the Friends group will appear.

Players in the Friends group are registered as friends in the 3DS's friend list, and vice versa. In Pokémon X or Y, when a player is registered as a Friend, their Safari can be accessed (even if they do not have a copy of one of the games). In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, a Friend Code is located at the top of the Friend's profile.

Acquaintances may be removed by tapping the player's icon and then tapping the button in the lower-left corner of the screen; dropped Acquaintances will become Passersby. Friends may only be removed by removing the player from the 3DS's friend list.

Global Trade Station

Main article: Global Trade System

In Generation VI, the Global Trade Station can now be accessed in many more places compared to only Pokémon Centers in Generation V or the Global Terminal/Global Trade Station building in Generation IV. Unlike in previous generations, the player can now ask for Pokémon that have not yet been registered in the player's Pokédex.

Wonder Trade

Main article: Wonder Trade

Wonder Trade allows players to trade Pokémon for another one without knowing what they are going to get. Eggs cannot be traded in Wonder Trade, nor can Pokémon with a Classic or Premier Ribbon (usually present on event Pokémon).


Main article: O-Power

O-Powers are temporary bonus effects that are used from the Player Search System. They are very similar to Pass Powers.

Shout Outs

Shout Outs are messages sent to everyone connected to the player's game, whether they are the player's friends or someone who happened to be connected to the internet at the same time as the player. These messages are displayed before a Wonder Trade as the players message.

Battle Spot

Main article: Battle Spot

The Battle Spot is a feature that allows players to participate in link battles over the internet. Players can compete in Free Battles or Rating Battles,

Holo Caster

Main article: Holo Caster

The Holo Caster is a Generation VI incarnation of the Xtransceiver, which consists of a holographic projection instead of a physical screen display. NPCs will occasionally use this to contact the player during the course of the game. Unlike its predecessor, the Holo Caster can also be used to broadcast special in-game and real world news announcements directly to the player. This includes updating the player on any recent StreetPass hits, upcoming events and competitions. It will periodically update automatically via StreetPass, or if the player chooses, may also be manually updated using an Internet connection and SpotPass as well.

Game Sync

Main article: Game Sync

The player can synchronize the save file of the game card to the Pokémon Global Link site, provided the player has created an account. Doing so sends any items obtained from the PokéMileage Club to the game card and sends any photos, Poké Miles, and Medals to the Global Link.

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Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 玩家搜尋系統 Wánjiā Sōuxún Xìtǒng (PSS)
France Flag.png French Player Search System (PSS)
Germany Flag.png German Player Search System (PSS)
Italy Flag.png Italian Player Search System (PSS)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 플레이어 서치 시스템 Player Search System (PSS)
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Sistema de procura de jogadores
Russia Flag.png Russian Система поиска игроков Sistema poiska igrokov
Spain Flag.png Spanish Player Search System (PSS)

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