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If you were looking for the items in Pokémon Duel, see Pokémon Duel → Plates.

A Plate (Japanese: プレート Plate) is a type of held item introduced in Generation IV. There is one Plate for each type, except Normal (and ???). They boost the power of the holder's moves of the corresponding type, and change Arceus and its signature move Judgment to that type.

There are 16 Plates in Generations IV and V, and 17 Plates from Generation VI onward with the introduction of the Fairy type and the corresponding Pixie Plate.

In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the 16 Plates are spread far and wide across Sinnoh, and an additional copy of each Plate can also be dug up in the Underground. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, the captain of the S.S. Aqua will give one away in index number order each day after the player has all 16 Badges. In Pokémon Black and White, two of the Plates are given to the player by a treasure hunter in a house in Route 13. The treasure hunter will mention that he found the Plates in the Abyssal Ruins, where the player can find the rest of the Plates.

List of Plates

Name Debut
move type
Draco Plate Draco Plate IV Dragon
Dread Plate Dread Plate IV Dark
Earth Plate Earth Plate IV Ground
Fist Plate Fist Plate IV Fighting
Flame Plate Flame Plate IV Fire
Icicle Plate Icicle Plate IV Ice
Insect Plate Insect Plate IV Bug
Iron Plate Iron Plate IV Steel
Meadow Plate Meadow Plate IV Grass
Mind Plate Mind Plate IV Psychic
Pixie Plate Pixie Plate VI Fairy
Sky Plate Sky Plate IV Flying
Splash Plate Splash Plate IV Water
Spooky Plate Spooky Plate IV Ghost
Stone Plate Stone Plate IV Rock
Toxic Plate Toxic Plate IV Poison
Zap Plate Zap Plate IV Electric


When each Plate is obtained in Generation IV, a different engraving appears on the back of the Plate which reveals part of the myth of the creation of the Pokémon universe. No engraving is tied to a specific Plate; they will appear each one at a time depending on how many Plates the player has found so far, with the ninth Plate found using the same engraving as the first. In Platinum, after talking to the Hiker on the second floor of the Canalave Library, a book on the second floor with the engravings written in it will be left by the Hiker the player met in Oreburgh Mine during the Arceus-triggered event.

  • "When the universe was created, its shards became this Plate."
  • "The power of defeated giants infuses this Plate."
  • "Two beings of time and space set free from the Original One."
  • "Three beings were born to bind time and space."
  • "Two make matter and three make spirit, shaping the world."
  • "The Original One breathed alone before the universe came."
  • "The powers of Plates are shared among Pokémon."
  • "The rightful bearer of a Plate draws from the Plate it holds."

In the anime

Plates debuted in Journey to the Unown!, where Saturn and two Galactic Grunts placed three of them in a room located in the Solaceon Ruins, in order to obtain the Spear Key and awaken the Unown there. These Plates were specifically the Draco Plate, Iron Plate, and Splash Plate, which power up the three types of Palkia and Dialga (Dragon, Steel, and Water) combined.

All of the Plates present at the time appeared again in Arceus and the Jewel of Life. Referred to as Life Plates, these are a set of Plates that give life to Arceus, and also allow it to change its type. Arceus almost died when it lost all of the Plates after destroying a meteor that endangered the land that would become Michina Town. Damos found one of these lost Plates and returned it to Arceus, giving it the strength to recall the other 15 Plates. This heroic, selfless act earned its trust and prompted it to detach the Earth Plate, Splash Plate, Meadow Plate, Zap Plate, and Draco Plate, and merge them to form the Jewel of Life so Damos could make the land flourish.

The Splash, Flame, and Earth Plates appeared in a flashback in Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, where Ghris was seen using their combined powers to create the Prison Bottle.

In the manga

The Plates in Pokémon Adventures

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

The Plates appeared in the HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter, where they were initially being collected by Petrel for Team Rocket's plan. After Silver stole the few Plates he had managed to find, Petrel decided to let him gather all 16 Plates, just to get them back at once later. With his Weavile leaving messages for Sneasel and Weavile across Johto, Silver soon indeed gathered all 16 Plates for himself. At the Sinjoh Ruins, Gold surrendered the Plates to Archer, who used them to seemingly take control of Arceus, ordering it to recreate Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. When the Pokédex holders used their Pokémon's ultimate attacks to stop the creation, all the Plates were absorbed by Arceus.

The Pixie Plate has not appeared in the Pokémon Adventures manga.



This is artwork of the Plates as seen in the Sinnoh Underground.

Mine Draco Plate.png Mine Dread Plate.png Mine Earth Plate.png Mine Fist Plate.png
Draco Plate Dread Plate Earth Plate Fist Plate
Mine Flame Plate.png Mine Icicle Plate.png Mine Insect Plate.png Mine Iron Plate.png
Flame Plate Icicle Plate Insect Plate Iron Plate
Mine Meadow Plate.png Mine Mind Plate.png Mine Sky Plate.png Mine Splash Plate.png
Meadow Plate Mind Plate Sky Plate Splash Plate
Mine Spooky Plate.png Mine Stone Plate.png Mine Toxic Plate.png Mine Zap Plate.png
Spooky Plate Stone Plate Toxic Plate Zap Plate

Global Link

This is artwork of the Plates as seen on the Pokémon Global Link.

Dream Draco Plate Sprite.png Dream Dread Plate Sprite.png Dream Earth Plate Sprite.png Dream Fist Plate Sprite.png Dream Flame Plate Sprite.png Dream Icicle Plate Sprite.png
Draco Plate Dread Plate Earth Plate Fist Plate Flame Plate Icicle Plate
Dream Insect Plate Sprite.png Dream Iron Plate Sprite.png Dream Meadow Plate Sprite.png Dream Mind Plate Sprite.png Dream Pixie Plate Sprite.png Dream Sky Plate Sprite.png
Insect Plate Iron Plate Meadow Plate Mind Plate Pixie Plate Sky Plate
Dream Splash Plate Sprite.png Dream Spooky Plate Sprite.png Dream Stone Plate Sprite.png Dream Toxic Plate Sprite.png Dream Zap Plate Sprite.png
Splash Plate Spooky Plate Stone Plate Toxic Plate Zap Plate


  • Plates may have some relation to Shards, which are described as pieces of ancient tools. Their underground sprites likewise imply that they are broken parts of Plates.
  • While all Plates will rearrange Arceus's Pokéathlon stats, the Draco Plate will boost Arceus's total Pokéathlon stats by 1.
  • Pixie Plate is currently the only obtainable held item that can boost the power of the holder's Fairy-type moves.
    • While data for Fairy Gem exists within the coding of the games from Pokémon X and Y onward, it cannot be obtained through legitimate means.
  • In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the Flame Plate is the only Plate that cannot be obtained outside of the Underground before obtaining the National Pokédex. This may have been the reasoning for the event Hiker to give specifically this Plate to the player in Pokémon Platinum.
  • In the Generation IV games, there is a sprite for ???-type Arceus in the games' data, but there is no associated ??? Plate.
  • When Plates were first seen in the anime in Journey to the Unown!, they were depicted with the same kind of square shape that they have in the games. However, in Arceus and the Jewel of Life, the Plates were depicted with a different, six-angle shape.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 石板 Sehkbáan *
令牌 Lihngpàaih *
板塊 Báanfaai *
Mandarin 石板 Shíbǎn *
令牌 Lìngpái *
板塊 Bǎnkuài *
Finland Flag.png Finnish Laatta
France Flag.png French Plaque
Germany Flag.png German Tafeln
Italy Flag.png Italian Lastre
South Korea Flag.png Korean 플레이트 Plate
Poland Flag.png Polish Płyta*
Spain Flag.png Spanish Tablas
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Livsplatta
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Phiến thạch

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