Plains Grotto

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Plains Grotto 広野の横穴
Plains Cave
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Plains Grotto USUM.png
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Location: Poni Plains
Region: Alola
Generations: VII
Alola Plains Grotto Map.png
Location of Plains Grotto in Alola.
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Plains Grotto (Japanese: 広野横穴 Plains Cave) is a location on Poni Island in Alola. There is an entrance to the cave in the northwest corner of Poni Plains. It only appears in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


Plains Grotto is a circular cave with several rock formations and a pedestal in the center.


Item Location Games
Kommonium Z Kommonium Z On the pedestal in the middle of the cave  US  UM 

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 曠野洞窟 Kwongyéh Duhngfāt
Mandarin 曠野洞窟 / 旷野洞窟 Kuàngyě Dòngkū
France Flag.png French Grotte de la Plaine
Germany Flag.png German Tunnel in der Ebene
Italy Flag.png Italian Grotta Prateria
South Korea Flag.png Korean 황야 옆굴 Hwangya Yeopgul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gruta de la Llanura

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