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Places and People (Japanese: あのまち このひと Those Places, These People) is a radio program broadcast from Kanto in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The program broadcasts on channel 16.5 on the Pokégear, and is hosted by Lily. In Pokémon Crystal, an EXPN Card is required to listen to the program on a PokéGear; however, players can listen to the show on radios in Kanto houses before then.

The program pulls the name of a random Trainer the player has fought, or a random location, and then applies a random quality to it.

List of quotes

  • <Trainer> is actually great.
  • <Trainer> is always happy.
  • <Trainer> is cute.
  • <Trainer> is definitely odd!
  • <Trainer> is inspiring!
  • <Trainer> is just my type.
  • <Trainer> is just so-so.
  • <Trainer> is kind of weird.
  • <Trainer> is precocious.
  • <Trainer> is quite noisy.
  • <Trainer> is right for me?
  • <Trainer> is so cool, no?
  • <Trainer> is sort of OK.
  • <Trainer> is sort of lazy.
  • <Trainer> is somewhat bold.
  • <Trainer> is too picky!
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