Pink Butterfree

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Pink Butterfree
ピンクバタフリー Pink Butterfree
Pink Butterfree.png
Pink Butterfree with Ash's Butterfree
Debuts in Bye-Bye Butterfree
Caught at Unknown
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Current location With Ash's Butterfree
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Butterfree Chinami Nishimura

The pink Butterfree (Japanese: ピンクバタフリー pink Butterfree) is the first alternate colored Pokémon in the anime. It was created before alternate colored Pokémon appeared in the games, possibly to differentiate it from the other Butterfree in the episode.


File:Spurt Butterfree.png
Appearance in Spurt!, along with Ash's Butterfree.

She appeared in Bye-Bye Butterfree. Ash's Butterfree fell in love with her, and fought to save her from Team Rocket. At the end of the episode, the two became mates and Ash's Butterfree flew away across the ocean with the pink Butterfree.

The pink Butterfree was seen in a picture in A Fan With a Plan. Pink Butterfree made her next actual appearance in the Japanese opening Spurt!, and in a flashback in the episode A Trainer and Child Reunion!, both along with Ash's Butterfree.

In the games

In Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, a female NPC Ace Trainer near the top of the Lake of Rage makes a reference to a pink Butterfree after battling her. She comments "Come to think of it, I've seen a pink Butterfree." This is likely to be a dual reference to a Butterfree's Shiny form in the games, which does have pink coloring (but only on the wings and none on the body), due to the Trainer's pre-battle comment regarding the red Gyarados, the first known alternate-color Pokémon of the franchise.

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