Pike Queen Lucy

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アザミ Azami
Emerald Pike Queen Lucy.png
Art from Emerald
Gender Female
Eye color Red
Hair color Black and red
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn*/Kanto*
Relatives Barbara (sister)*
Trainer class Pike Queen
(Frontier Brain)
Generation III
Games Pokémon Emerald
Brain of Battle Pike
Symbol Luck Symbol
Anime debut Queen of the Serpentine
English voice actor Emily Williams
Japanese voice actor Atsuko Tanaka

Pike Queen Lucy (Japanese: チューブクイーン アザミ Tube Queen Azami) is the Frontier Brain and law-keeper of the Battle Frontier's Battle Pike. She is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Pike Queen (Japanese: チューブクイーン Tube Queen).

In the games

Lucy "trampled flowers and braved storms" to reach her position. She isn't one for idle chatter, preferring to go right into battle. When she's defeated, she prefers her opponent to hurry and move along. The Luck Symbol is awarded to those able to defeat Lucy's Pokémon.


Silver Symbol challenge

Gold Symbol challenge


Initial battle

  • Before battle
"I am Lucy... I am the law here... For I am the Pike Queen... You already know it, but to advance, you must defeat me... ...I'm not one for idle chatter. Hurry. Come on... Your luck... I hope you didn't use it all up here..."
  • When defeated
  • After being defeated
"... ... ... ... ... ... Show me your Frontier Pass..."
"...That's all there is... Disappear already..."


  • Before battle
"...You again... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...I've trampled flowers and braved storms to get to where I am... I don't feel any compulsion to keep losing to the same opponent... ... ... ... ... ... ... Fine... I'll do it... Now! Come on!"
  • When defeated
  • After being defeated
"... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Frontier Pass... "
"...You, I won't forget... ...Ever..."

In the anime

Lucy in the anime

Lucy appeared in the episode Queen of the Serpentine!. In the anime, it was mentioned that she does not teach her Pokémon defensive moves.

Before battling Ash, she had rescued his Pikachu from Team Rocket with her Seviper, defeating Jessie's Seviper in the process.

In the battle, Ash started off by using his Donphan against Lucy's Seviper. For a while, Lucy seemed to be having the upper hand despite the type disadvantage. However, Ash managed to turn the tables on the serpent Pokémon by using Donphan's Rollout to counter Seviper's Flamethrower, knocking it out of the battle.

Lucy then sent out her Milotic which easily took out Donphan with just a single powerful Hydro Pump attack. Left with no other choice, Ash decide to use Pikachu. However, again, despite the type disadvantage, Lucy almost managed to defeat the electric-mouse Pokémon by treating it to a barrage of Hydro Pumps and Twisters. She even used paralysis to her advantage by using Facade. Ash finally managed to defeat it and win the match when he innovated a move by making Pikachu jump inside one of the twisters and using a spinning Volt Tackle.

In addition to her preference of serpentine Pokémon, Lucy also seems to have a soft spot for squinty eyes, as she was shown to keep several pet Pokémon at home, all of which had squinty eyes. She develops a crush on Brock due to his squinty eyes.

Lucy in the anime is very different from her game self personality wise. In the anime, though quiet, Lucy seems to be a rather a nice person, allowing Ash to battle her even though the Pike was closed that particular day. She also congratulated him on his victory. In the games, however, she is narcissistic and seems to be very irritated when the player defeats her. Her change of attitude in the anime can be attributed to her crush on Brock and a desire to impress him.


This listing is of Lucy's known Pokémon in the anime:

Lucy's Seviper
Main article: Lucy's Seviper

Lucy's signature Pokémon is Seviper. It appears for the first time fighting Jessie's Seviper and later battling Ash's Donphan.

Debut Queen of the Serpentine!
Lucy's Milotic
Milotic is Lucy's second choice after defeating Seviper, where with a single Hydro Pump it was able to defeat Donphan. In the fight against Ash's Pikachu, Milotic managed to deal severe damage to Pikachu, who won after using Volt Tackle in one of Milotic's Twisters.

Milotic made a cameo in the form of a flashback in A Pyramiding Rage!.

Milotic's known moves are Hydro Pump, Twister, Iron Tail, and Facade.

Debut Queen of the Serpentine!
Voice actors
Japanese Chie Satō
English Michele Knotz

At home

Lucy's Pokémon at Home
Pokémon at Home
In addition to the Pokémon Lucy uses in battle she also has many other Pokémon at home. Her Pokémon at home include Abra, Snorlax, Cyndaquil, Swinub, Makuhita, and Skitty. All the Pokémon share the fact that they all have squinted eyes, which influences Lucy to later develop an interest in Brock. Their battle extent is not known as it seems they are only used as pets.
Debut Queen of the Serpentine!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 田中敦子 Atsuko Tanaka
English Emily Williams
Brazilian Portuguese Samira Fernandes
Spanish Latin America Laura Ayala
Spain María Antonia Rodríguez

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Lucy in the Pokémon Adventures manga

Lucy makes her first appearance battling alongside Palace Maven Spenser in a battle demonstration for the Battle Frontiers opening ceremony. They fight a Swalot and Electrode and with her Seviper's Shed Skin and Dig, they defeat their opponents.

After Emerald’s commotion at the Battle Frontier’s opening ceremony she holds the boy captive with her Seviper and decides to let him challenge the Battle Frontier and convinces the other Brain’s and Scott to agree with it. After Noland’s defeat she waits at the Battle Pike and decides to be Emerald’s second challenge. During Emerald’s run through the Battle Pike, she explains the rules of her Battle Facility to Todd and how in order to win, one must have luck. After Emerald manages to reach the 140th floor of the Battle Pike they begin their battle. Even with her powerful poisoning tactic, she is eventually defeated by Emerald’s quick wits and gives him the Luck Symbol as his reward.

Later, she and the other Frontier Brain’s (and the tag along Todd) follow Emerald to the Artisan cave in his search for the legendary Pokémon Jirachi and are forced to fight the wild Smeargle that live there while Emerald skips on ahead. When Guile Hideout makes his appearance she, Brandon, Spenser, and Tucker attempt to fight him but are easily blown away by his sword.

She later appears welcoming people to the Battle Dome along with Greta during Emerald's Battle Dome challenge and sighs in disappointment because they have been reduced to simple ushers. Noland and Brandon manage to cheer them up with the fact that they’re helping people have a good time at the Frontier and later join them in a search for Jirachi. After Tucker defeats Emerald and he spots Guile, they go on the attack but are helpless to stop him as he finally manages to capture Jirachi. After Guile lets loose several Rental Pokémon, she and the other Brains battle them to keep the panicking crowd safe from harm. She and the other Brains were defeated when Guile Hideout flooded the Frontier with his Monster Kyogre but were seen celebrating with Scott and the Pokédex Holders after Guile's defeat.


The following is the listing for Lucy's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga:

Lucy's Seviper
Main article: Lucy's Seviper

Seviper was first seen battling a Swalot and Electrode for the Battle Frontier's opening ceremony along with Spenser’s Crobat and defeated both of them easily. Seviper was later used to capture Emerald after he crashed the ceremony and was later used to fight his Blissey in the Battle Pike. During the battle she managed to badly Poison Blissey before being recalled for her Shuckle after being hit by a powerful Seismic Toss. She later fought his Blissey a second time, this time defeating it but was defeated by his newly healed Rapidash. She was later used to greet guests arriving at the Battle Frontier and later against the Rental Pokémon that Guile Hideout had let loose but was defeated after the Battle Frontier was flooded by Guile’s monster Kyogre.

Debut Vs. Swalot
Lucy's Milotic
Milotic was used against Emerald’s Starmie in the Battle Pike. She put up a good fight but despite Starmie being poisoned, Milotic was defeated by its Thunderbolt but not before Starmie fainted from its status ailment. She was later used to take Lucy to the Artisan Cave and fought Guile Hideout but was defeated easily. After that she was used to welcome guests to the Battle Dome and was later used against Guile Hideout’s Rental Pokémon but was defeated after he flooded the Battle Frontier with his monster Kyogre.

Milotic's known moves are Mirror Coat, Recover, Ice Beam, and Surf, and her Ability is Marvel Scale.

Debut Vs. Milotic
Lucy's Shuckle
Shuckle was used against Emerald's Starmie in the Battle Pike. She managed to poison it with Toxic but was quickly defeated by its powerful Surf.

Shuckle's known moves are Protect, Toxic, Sandstorm, and Rock Slide, and her Ability is Sturdy.

Debut Vs. Milotic

In the Pokémon Battle Frontier

Lucy makes an appearance in The Predestined Battle! where she is Enta's next challenger after defeating Spenser.


Shuckle was the first Pokémon Lucy used against Enta. It was taken out by one of Enta's Pokémon.

None of Shuckle's moves are known.

Debut The Predestined Battle!
Main article: Lucy's Seviper

Seviper is Lucy's strongest Pokémon. She used Seviper against its rival and enemy, Zangoose.

Debut The Predestined Battle!


  • In the anime, she is one of very few girls whom Brock has a crush on that likes him back. She states that it is because his eyes remind her of an Abra and some of her other Pokémon.
  • Lucy's character design resembles that of Seviper color scheme.
  • As of the Best Wishes series, Lucy has the most Pokémon revealed of any minor anime character, counting her Pokémon at home.


Language Name Origin
Japanese チューブクイーン アザミ Tube Queen Azami From 薊 azami, thistle.
English Pike Queen Lucy From luck.
French Reine Venin Charline From chance, luck.
German Pfipitistin Lotte From los.
Italian Regina Serpe Fortunata From fortunato, lucky or fortunate.
Spanish Reina Sierpe Fortunia From fortuna, luck or fortune.
Korean 튜브퀸 예미 Tube Queen Yemi
Chinese (Taiwan) 水管皇后 小薊 Water Pipe Empress Xiǎo Jì From 薊 azami, thistle.

EmeraldBFLogo.png Hoenn Battle Frontier EmeraldBFLogo.png
Ablity Symbol Battle Tower Ability Symbol
Salon Maiden
Spirits Symbol Battle Palace Spirits Symbol
Palace Maven
Knowledge Symbol Battle Factory Knowledge Symbol
Factory Head
Brave Symbol Battle Pyramid Brave Symbol
Pyramid King
Tactics Symbol Battle Dome Tactics Symbol
Dome Ace
Guts Symbol Battle Arena Guts Symbol
Arena Tycoon
Luck Symbol Battle Pike Luck Symbol
Pike Queen

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