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Milotic made a cameo in the form of a flashback in ''[[DP128|A Pyramiding Rage!]]''.
Milotic made a cameo in the form of a flashback in ''[[DP128|A Pyramiding Rage!]]''.
It's Japanese voice actress is [[Chie Satō]] and it's English voice actress is [[Michele Knotz]].

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アザミ Azami
[[File:Emerald Pike Queen Lucy.png|{{{size}}}]]
Art from Emerald
Gender Female
Eye color Red
Hair color Black and red
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn*/Kanto*
Relatives Barbara (sister)*
Trainer class Pike Queen
(Frontier Brain)
Generation III
Games Pokémon Emerald
Brain of Battle Pike
Symbol Luck Symbol
Anime debut Queen of the Serpentine
English voice actor Emily Williams
Japanese voice actor Atsuko Tanaka

Pike Queen Lucy (Japanese: チューブクイーン アザミ Tube Queen Azami) is the Frontier Brain and law-keeper of the Battle Frontier's Battle Pike. Her clothes reveal her belly button and her hair is made to look like a Seviper, her signature Pokémon. She is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Pike Queen (Japanese: チューブクイーン Tube Queen).

In the games

Lucy "trampled flowers and braved storms" to reach her position. She isn't one for idle chatter, preferring to go right into battle. When she's defeated, she prefers her opponent to hurry and move along. The Luck Symbol is awarded to those able to defeat Lucy's Pokémon.


Silver Symbol challenge

Gold Symbol challenge


  • First battle:

"I am Lucy… I am the law here… For I am the Pike Queen… You already know it, but to advance, you must defeat me… …I’m not one for idle chatter. Hurry. Come on… Your luck… I hope you didn’t use it all up here…"

"Urk… … … … … … … Show me your Frontier Pass… …That’s all there is… Disappear already… "

  • Second battle:

"…You again… … … … … … … …I’ve trampled flowers and braved storms to get to where I am… I don’t feel any compulsion to keep losing to the same opponent… … … … … … … Fine… I’ll do it… Now! Come on!"

"Darn! … … … … … … … …Frontier Pass… …You, I won’t forget… …Ever…"

In the anime

File:PQ Lucy.png
Lucy in the anime

Lucy appeared in the episode Queen of the Serpentine!. In the anime, it was mentioned that she does not teach her Pokémon defensive moves.

Before battling Ash, she had rescued his Pikachu from Team Rocket with her Seviper, defeating Jessie's Seviper in the process.

In the battle, Ash started off by using his Donphan against Lucy's Seviper. For a while, Lucy seemed to be having the upper hand despite the type disadvantage. However, Ash managed to turn the tables on the serpent Pokémon by using Donphan's Rollout to counter Seviper's Flamethrower, knocking it out of the battle.

Lucy then sent out her Milotic which easily took out Donphan with just a single powerful Hydro Pump attack. Left with no other choice, Ash decide to use Pikachu. However, again, despite the type disadvantage, Lucy almost managed to defeat the electric-mouse Pokémon by treating it to a barrage of Hydro Pumps and Twisters. She even used paralysis to her advantage by using Facade. Ash finally managed to defeat it and win the match when he innovated a move by making Pikachu jump inside one of the twisters and using a spinning Volt Tackle.

In addition to her preference of serpentine Pokémon, Lucy also seems to have a soft spot for squinty eyes, as she was shown to keep several pet Pokémon at home, all of which had squinty eyes. She develops a crush on Brock due to his squinty eyes.

Lucy in the anime is very different from her game self personality wise. In the anime, though quiet, Lucy seems to be a rather a nice person, allowing Ash to battle her even though the Pike was closed that particular day. She also congratulated him on his victory. In the games, however, she is narcissistic and seems to be very irritated when the player defeats her. Her change of attitude in the anime can be attributed to her crush on Brock and a desire to impress him.


This listing is of Lucy's known Pokémon in the anime:

Main article: Ash's Pikachu
Debut [[]]
Debut [[]]

At home


Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 田中敦子 Atsuko Tanaka
English Emily Williams
Brazilian Portuguese Samira Fernandes
Spanish Latin America Laura Ayala
Spain María Antonia Rodríguez

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

File:Lucy Special.png
Lucy in the Pokémon Adventures manga

Lucy battles alongside Palace Maven Spenser for the media during the grand opening of the Battle Frontier. She uses a Seviper for the battle. Lucy takes advantage of its Shed Skin ability, and uses the skin as a decoy as Seviper uses Dig. She watched Emerald during his Battle Factory Challenge. She is the second Frontier Brain Emerald battles, and she seems to find the surprises that people come across in the Battle Pike amusing. She attempts to defeat him by poisoning his Pokémon, but Emerald counters this with Heal Bell. Lucy says that the Battle Pike challenge is all about creating one's own luck.


The following is the listing for Lucy's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga:



  • In the anime, she is one of very few girls whom Brock has a crush on that likes him back. She states that it is because his eyes remind her of an Abra and some of her other Pokémon.
  • In the games Lucy uses all serpent based Pokémon with the exception of Shuckle.
  • Lucy and Greta are the only Frontier Brains with set teams that do not ever use a Legendary Pokémon for any challenge, be it Gold or Silver.
  • All of her pet Pokemon in the anime have eyes like Brock.


Language Name Reference to
Japanese アザミ Azami From 薊 azami, thistle.
English Pike Queen Lucy From luck.
French Reine Venin Charline From chance.
German Pfipitistin Lotte From los.
Italian Regina Serpe Fortunata From fortuna (Fortunata literally means lucky).
Spanish Reina Sierpe Fortunia From fortuna, fortune.
Korean 튜브퀸 예미 Tube Queen Yemi
Chinese (Taiwan) 小薊 Xiǎo Jì From 薊 azami, thistle.

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