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Pietra (Japanese: エリコ Eriko) is the character of the day in Right on, Rhydon!.

Pietra's grandmother sprained her ankle and Pietra wanted to make it easier for her to travel through the mountain by digging a hole in it. She was using Ground-type Pokémon to try to achieve this. They nearly got through but when they started to dig deeper, water began to drip on them and they got scared and ran away. Hence she resolved to capture a certain Rhydon which was able to use Surf and as such, wasn't afraid of water.

Pietra, Ash, and his friends come across Rhydon but it escapes into the lake. Ash and Misty use their Water Pokémon to help search for it. Pietra uses her boat to go out on the lake. Soon, Totodile discovers Rhydon by accident and bites on its horn, angering it. Pietra tries to battle it but is unsuccessful after it uses Horn Drill in the water and causes a whirlpool.

They travel over to a small island where they see Rhydon coming to shore. Pietra encounters it again but Team Rocket interfere and try to take it for themselves. Ash assists in stopping them and the Rhydon jumps back into the lake. Pietra jumps into the lake after it and grabs it. Rhydon carries her under water but she refuses to let go until it battles her, and eventually the Rhydon finally gives in and agrees.

She uses her Marill to battle and defeat Rhydon and then captured it. She then used her newly captured Rhydon to complete the tunnel.


Pietra's Marill
Marill is Pietra's main Pokémon. It is her only Pokémon that is not a Ground type. She used it to battle a Rhydon that knew Surf. Marill was able to weaken it enough so Pietra could capture it. Marill also appears to be wearing an earring on its left ear.

Marill's known moves are Water Gun, BubbleBeam, Tackle and Iron Tail.

Debut Right on, Rhydon
Voice actors
Japanese Mika Kanai
English Kayzie Rogers
Pietra's Rhydon
Pietra wanted this Rhydon because of its ability to Surf. She needed a surfing Pokémon because her grandmother sprained her ankle and Pietra wanted to make it easier for her to travel by digging a tunnel through a mountain. Unlike most of her Ground-type Pokémon, Rhydon wasn't afraid of water. It is considered to be very strong as it knocked out many Pokémon that tried to battle it. It agreed to go with Pietra after rescuing it from Team Rocket.

Rhydon's known moves are Surf, Whirlpool, Stomp, Take Down and Horn Drill.

Debut Right on, Rhydon
Pietra's Dugtrio
Dugtrio (×3)
Pietra used these three Dugtrio for her digging project. They were seen carrying large rocks.

None of the Dugtrio's moves are known.

Debut Right on, Rhydon
Pietra's Sandslash and Graveler
Sandslash and Graveler
Sandslash and Graveler were two of the Pokémon used in the digging project. They were seen trying to make the tunnel bigger.

None of their moves are known.

Debut Right on, Rhydon

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 冬馬由美 Yumi Tōma
English Carol Jacobanis
European Spanish Amparo Bravo


The lookalike

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