Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop

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Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop

The Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop (Japanese: フラワーショップいろとりどり Flower Shop Multicolor) is one of the chief landmarks of Floaroma Town. Notably, it is in this florist where the player can get his or her first berries, which are found planted outside and given out daily by a woman inside.

Another woman in the shop gives out the Sprayduck watering can (the equivalent of Hoenn's Wailmer Pail) to the player, allowing him or her to water berry plants, which makes them grow a greater amount of berries. The blonde woman behind the counter in the Flower Shop gives out accessories for Pokémon Super Contests in exchange for a certain amount of berries. A girl to the right randomly gives out one of the first ten berries.

A sign outside the shop reads:

Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop
Free Berries Available

Accessory List

Here are the accessories that can be obtained, and the amounts of Berries required to buy them.

In Diamond and Pearl

Item Price
Red Flower 10 Razz Berry
Pink Flower 10 Bluk Berry
White Flower 10 Nanab Berry
Blue Flower 30 Cornn Berry
Orange Flower 15 Magost Berry
Yellow Flower 15 Rabuta Berry
Googly Specs 20 Nomel Berry
Black Specs 20 Wepear Berry
Gorgeous Specs 40 Pinap Berry
Sweet Candy 30 Nanab Berry
Confetti 30 Razz Berry
Colored Parasol 50 Magost Berry
Old Umbrella 50 Pamtre Berry
Spotlight 80 Nomel Berry
Cape 250 Cornn Berry
Standing Mike 80 Bluk Berry
Surfboard 180 Wepear Berry
Carpet 100 Spelon Berry
Retro Pipe 120 Pamtre Berry
Fluffy Bed 150 Watmel Berry
Mirror Ball 250 Durin Berry
Photo Board 200 Belue Berry

In Platinum

Item Price
Red Flower 1 Cheri Berry
Pink Flower 1 Chesto Berry
White Flower 1 Pecha Berry
Blue Flower 1 Oran Berry
Orange Flower 1 Rawst Berry
Yellow Flower 1 Aspear Berry
Googly Specs 1 Leppa Berry
Black Specs 1 Persim Berry
Gorgeous Specs 10 Razz Berry
Sweet Candy 10 Bluk Berry
Confetti 10 Nanab Berry
Colored Parasol 10 Wepear Berry
Old Umbrella 10 Pinap Berry
Spotlight 50 Cornn Berry
Cape 100 Pamtre Berry
Standing Mike 50 Magost Berry
Surfboard 100 Watmel Berry
Carpet 50 Rabuta Berry
Retro Pipe 50 Nomel Berry
Fluffy Bed 100 Durin Berry
Mirror Ball 100 Spelon Berry
Photo Board 100 Belue Berry