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Good Friends
Korean ending themes
A Happy Journey
Pocket Monsters AG New and Best CD cover.png
Artist 김문선
Kim Munseon
Lyrics 김주희
Kim Juhui
Composer 방용석
Bang Yongseok
Arrangement 방용석
Bang Yongseok

Pichumichu (Korean: 피츄미츄) was an unused ending theme for the Korean dub of the Pokémon anime. Although it was originally meant to be used as an ending theme for the Johto saga, it was ultimately scrapped in favor of Good Friends. Despite this, it was still included on the album Pocket Monsters AG (New & Best).

This song has many similarities to Exciting Pokémon Relay, a Japanese ending theme used during the Johto saga.


Korean English
포켓몬 모두 모여!

우울한 얼굴이야 피츄 왠일인지 슬퍼 보여
우울한 얼굴이야 피츄 무슨일 있는 거니
피츄가 슬프면 나도 슬퍼
어떡해야 피츄를 웃게 만들까

귀엽고 착한 피츄 누가 피츄를 화나게 했나
피츄가 화를 내면 무서워 전기가 찌릿찌릿
로켓단의 나옹이까지 모두모두 우리모두 한 마음
하하하하하 하하하 피츄

나란히 나란히 줄을 서서 피츄야 웃어봐라 대작전
초롱초롱 빛나는 두 눈
아기자기 아기자기 정다운 얘기
탕구리 탕구리 지휘에 맞춰 마릴이 노래불러
랄랄라 랄랄라 랄라랄랄랄 마릴

귀여운 피츄 보고싶어 Meet you
웃어봐 Want you 날 잡아봐 Catch you
리듬에 맞춰 너도 나도 춤춰
예쁜꽃 아르코 같이 춤을 춰

이래도 피츄가 웃지 않는다면
만약에 피츄가 웃지 않는다면
피츄 Meet you Want you Catch you
와 아이 재밌어 와 짠
Gather, all Pokémon!

You have a gloomy face Pichu, your face looks sad for some reason
You have a gloomy face Pichu, is there something wrong?
If Pichu’s sad, I’m sad too
How should we make Pichu laugh again?

Cute and kind Pichu. Who has made Pichu angry?
Pichu is scary when it’s angry (its electricity is jolting)
We’re all one heart, including Team Rocket’s Meowth
Hahahahaha hahaha Pichu

Line up side by side and let’s make a plan to make Pichu laugh
Twinkling two eyes
Charming, friendly talk
Matching with the conductor, Marill sings
Lalala lalala lalalalala Marill

I want to meet cute Pichu (Meet you)
Laugh (want you), catch me (catch you)
Dance with the rhythm, you and I
Along with the beautiful flower, Bellossom

If Pichu doesn’t smile after all this
If Pichu doesn’t smile
Pichu, meet you, want you, catch you
Wow! So fun! Jjan!

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