Pichu Brothers

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Pichu Brothers
ピチュー兄弟 Pichu Bros.
The Pichu Brothers
The Pichu Brothers (from left to right, Pichu Little and Pichu Big)
Debuts in Pikachu & Pichu
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location Big Town
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Pichu Yumi Tōma (Pichu Big)
Satomi Kōrogi (Pichu Little)

The Pichu Brothers (individually Pichu Big and Pichu Little) are a pair of Pichu who live in Big Town.


They were first introduced in the third mini-movie Pikachu & Pichu, where they met Ash's Pikachu who was lost after falling off a nearby building, in which Ash was planning a party celebrating the anniversary of when he and Pikachu first met. Pikachu and the Pichu Brothers went all throughout the town chased by a Houndour who eventually helped them when the local Pokémon Playhouse was collapsing.

Their next appearances were in another mini-movie, Camp Pikachu, and also the Pokémon Channel special episode Pichu Bros. in Party Panic as well as several Pokémon Chronicles episodes.

In Camp Pikachu, they had an adventure where they were lost a long way from home after a train ride. However, with the help of Pikachu, the rest of Ash's Pokémon, and a Wynaut, they were able to catch a train back home again.

In Pichu Bros. in Party Panic, Meowth was going to throw a party. However, the Pichu Brothers and their friends had not received an invitation and so they went on a quest to find one. In the end, an Azumarill had their invitations all along and hadn't gotten around to delivering them yet. However, they flew away, which led to another adventure to track them down.

The Pichu Brothers and the clubhouse appeared during the credits of the Japanese version of The Rise of Darkrai.

The Pichu Brothers, along with Wooper, Magby, Teddiursa, Smoochum, Smeargle, Azumarill, Houndour, and Snorlax, made a small cameo at the beginning of Giratina and the Sky Warrior.

The Pichu Brothers appear in Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade as some of the Pokémon watching Meloetta's concert.

Other appearances

The Pichu Brothers have also appeared in the 2001 version of Mezase Pokémon Master. They are seen running along a pipe below a bridge that Ash and his friends are standing on.

Personality and characteristics

The Pichu Brothers are recognized by their friends as their leader when they were usually seen interacting with them.

Moves used

Pichu Bros ThunderShock.png
Using ThunderShock
Move First Used In
ThunderShock Pikachu & Pichu
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Pichu Posse

There are a number of Pokémon living in Big Town that regularly take part in the Pichu Brothers' adventures.

Azumarill is first seen trying to avoid any havoc on her flower bed.

In addition to being Azurill's mother, Azumarill acts as a motherly figure, ensuring the Pichu Bros.' safety and being responsible in setting up the picnic in Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 1). However, she tends to have a short temper, as seen after being shocked by the Pichu Bros. and having her picnic destroyed by Meowth.

In Pichu Bros. in Party Panic, Azumarill was assigned to hand out invitations to Meowth's party, but had forgotten to deliver the Pichu Brothers' theirs.

Azumarill's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut Trouble in Big Town
Azurill is a very mischievous Pokémon, as seen in Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 2).

Azurill's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 1)
Houndour is a constant source of trouble for the Pichu Posse, being seen chasing them down. A running gag involves the Houndour getting hurt in some sort of way, usually being flattened by a local Snorlax.
Debut Pikachu and Pichu
Magby is a brave and yet short-tempered Pokémon, preferring to attack over rationalizing.

In Pichu Bros. in Party Panic, Magby helped the Pichu brothers look for invitations to Meowth's party.

Magby's only known move is Flamethrower.

Debut Pikachu and Pichu
Meowth (Team Rocket)
Meowth (Team Rocket)
Main article: Meowth (Team Rocket)

In Pichu Bros. in Party Panic, Meowth threw a big party for the Pokémon of the city where he was serving lots of fruit. The party was invitation-only and Meowth assigned the task of delivering invitations to Azumarill.

Debut Pikachu and Pichu
Voice actors
Japanese Inuko Inuyama
English Maddie Blaustein
Smoochum is very worried about her appearance, often being shown looking at herself at a mirror.

In Pichu Bros. in Party Panic, Smoochum helped the Pichu brothers look for invitations to Meowth's party.

Smoochum's known moves are Icy Wind and Lovely Kiss*.

Debut Pikachu and Pichu
Snorlax is mostly seen sleeping and rolling around. It will flatten anyone that is in its way, namely Houndour.
Debut Pikachu and Pichu
Squirtle Squad
Squirtle Squad
Main article: Squirtle Squad

Three members of the Squirtle Squad were first seen using Water Gun against Smoochum. They were also seen in Pichu Bros. in Party Panic, where they helped out in setting up the party, and guard the food from thieves.

Debut Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 2)
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Ohtani
English Eric Stuart
Teddiursa is a gluttonous Pokémon, as seen when it slyly tried to eat the pizza it was supposed to deliver as well as food in the picnic basket it was supposed to deliver to Meowth.

In Pichu Bros. in Party Panic, Teddiursa helped the Pichu brothers look for invitations to Meowth's party.

Debut Trouble in Big Town
In Pichu Bros. in Party Panic, Wooper helped the Pichu brothers look for invitations to Meowth's party.

Wooper's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut Pikachu and Pichu
Smeargle played a minor role in Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 1), where it was seen painting the walls of the town. Its paint was then used to uncover the Kecleon thief.

In Pichu Bros. in Party Panic, Smeargle told the Pichu Brothers that they needed an invitation to attend Meowth's party.

Debut Pikachu and Pichu

In the manga

The Pichu Brothers in Pokémon Pocket Monsters

In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga

The Pichu Brothers appear in Pichu and Pichu's Big Fight of Pokémon Pocket Monsters. Giovanni tries to steal them but Red manages to stop him in time.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring the Pichu Bros. in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Pichu Bros.
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Pichu Bros. Lightning       P Promotional cards   028/P
Pichu Bros. Lightning POP Series 3 Common 16/17 PCG-P Promotional cards   078/PCG-P


  • The Pichu Brothers' designs are similar to Ash's Pikachu and Sparky, as one has a scruff of hair atop its head while the other does not.

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