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"You may have beaten my brother...
But I'm going to turn the tables on you!"
Art from the PTCGO website
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Chicago
Region USA
Relatives Calvin (brother)
Trainer class Trading Card Game Player

Penelope is a regular at the Game Store in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. So far, she can be faced in three of the four leagues in the Trainer Challenge for a total of four times.

Penelope makes it to the Gold League's quarterfinals of the playoffs but loses to Cammie.

Official biography

"Penelope came in 3rd place in her first League, and she brought her cute little brother Calvin along this year to show him the ropes. She likes to excel in everything she does, from schoolwork to her favorite hobby, horseback riding."

In Gold, Platinum and Diamond League

Penelope uses a Water and Psychic deck in the Gold, Platinum and Diamond League.

Penelope's Water-Psychic deck

In Diamond League

Penelope uses a Water and Psychic deck in the Diamond League, and then uses a Colorless and Fighting in the playoffs.

Penelope's Colorless-Fighting deck

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