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Pearl Clan
シンジュ団 Shinju-dan
Legends Arceus Irida.png
Artwork of Irida from Legends: Arceus
Leader Irida
Region Hisui
Admins Lian
Base locations Unknown

The Pearl Clan (Japanese: シンジュ Shinju-dan, literally Pearl Gang), is an organization based in the Hisui region. Members include Irida and Lian.


Language Name Origin
Japanese シンジュ団 Shinju-dan From 真珠 shinju (pearl)
English Pearl Clan From pearl
German Perl-Clan From Perle (pearl)
Spanish Clan Perla From perla (pearl)
French Clan Perle From perle
Italian Team Perla From perla (pearl)
Korean 진주단 Jinju-dan From 진주 (珍珠) jinju (pearl)
Chinese (Mandarin) 珍珠隊 / 珍珠队 Zhēnzhū Duì From 珍珠 zhēnzhū / jānjyū (pearl)
Chinese (Cantonese) 珍珠隊 Jānjyū Déui
Russian Клан Жемчуга Klan Zhemchuga From жемчуг zhemchug (pearl)


  • The Diamond and Pearl Clans are likely based on the Ainu people, the indigenous people of Hokkaido, the part of Japan that the Hisui/Sinnoh region is based on.

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