Pearl (Adventures)

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Pearl (Japanese: パール) is one of the male main characters for the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl story arc of Pokémon Special. He is impatient and is often accidentally getting himself and his friend, Diamond into trouble. He is the straight man (tsukkomi) of the comedy duo, with Diamond as the funny man. His appearance is based off that of Pearl from the video game series.

A mix-up has them thinking they will gain a prize for escorting Berlitz to Mt. Coronet. Berlitz, mistaking them for her bodyguards, has given them Pokédexes, Pokétches, and starter Pokémon from Professor Rowan.


On hand

Pearl's Pokémon nicknames contain two syllables of the species' name followed by "hiko."

  • Chatot (ペラヒコ Perahiko)
    • Pearl uses Perahiko to spy on others and repeat back their conversations.
  • ChimcharMonferno (サルヒコ Saruhiko)
    • Saruhiko has a habit of clinging to Pearl.