Paul's Drapion

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Paul's Drapion
シンジのドラピオン Shinji's Dorapion
Poké Ball
Paul Drapion.png
Paul's Drapion
Debuts in DP186
Caught at Unknown
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Paul
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Drapion Unshō Ishizuka N/A

Paul's Drapion (Japanese: シンジのドラピオン Shinji's Dorapion) is a Pokémon owned by Paul.


Paul's Drapion's first appearance was during the Suzuran Conference. It was Paul's third Pokémon during his battle with Ash where it managed to defeat three of Ash's Pokémon. It first battled Ash's Buizel. Drapion first launched a Pin Missile which Buizel countered with his Counter Shield. Buizel used SonicBoom, which Drapion blocked and grabbed Buizel with its tail. Then, the episode ends with a conclusion.

In DP187, the battle between Drapion and Buizel continued. After a while, Buizel managed to escape by inflating his floation sac. Drapion used Toxic Spikes on the field which poisoned Buizel. Drapion finished him off with Pin Missile.

Drapion next battled Ash's Staraptor. Drapion started it again with a Pin Missile but it was dodged by Staraptor. Staraptor used Aerial Ace which Drapion dodged and catched Staraptor like what it did with Buizel. Drapion then used Cross Poison, throwing Staraptor to the ground poisoning it with Toxic Spikes and eventually knocking it out.

Ash then sent out Torterra, who feels the effect of Toxic Spikes. Drapion used Cross Poison which Torterra countered with Energy Ball, which hit Drapion. Torterra used then Leaf Storm which hits Drapion again. Drapion grabbed Torterra as it was about to use Rock Climb and uses Poison Fang on it. Torterra tried to recover with its Synthesis but was knocked out after being hit by Pin Missile. Drapion was then recalled after Ash confirmed his last Pokémon.

Later, Drapion was used to battle Ash's Gliscor. Drapion started things off with a Pin Missile which is dodged by Gliscor. As Drapion was about to use Poison Fang, Gliscor managed to hit it with a Giga Impact and making distance by using its spinning technique. Drapion then used Pin Missile, but Gliscor dodges it. Gliscor then used X-Scissor with the battle ending its second segment.

In DP188, the battles continues with Drapion hitting Gliscor with Pin Missile which sends it flying back. In the end, it was knocked out after being burned from Gliscor's Fire Fang.

Moves used

Using Toxic Spikes
Move First Used In
Pin Missile DP186
Cross Poison DP186
Toxic Spikes DP187
Poison Fang DP187
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • In Chim - Charred!, Paul tries to capture a Drapion, but it fled after being stopped by Ash's Gligar.
  • Paul's brother, Reggie, also owns a Drapion.
  • Drapion is the only Pokémon used by Paul during his Lily of the Valley Conference battle with Ash which hasn't been seen using its ability.

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