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|vajp=Tomoko Kawakami
|vajp=Tomoko Kawakami
|vaen=Kayzie Rogers
|vaen=Kayzie Rogers
|desc=Paul caught {{p|Azumarill}} for his battle with [[Roark]] in ''[[DP015|Shapes of Things to Come]]'', attempting to use the [[Damage modification|type advantage]] over the {{type|Rock}} Pokémon. However, Roark's Geodude had little trouble in defeating the {{t|Water}} Pokémon, deflecting Hydro Pump with {{m|Hidden Power}} and knocking it out with {{m|Rollout}}. Paul cursed Azumarill's weakness and went on to win the battle with Elekid and Chimchar.
|desc=Paul caught {{p|Azumarill}} for his battle with [[Roark]] in ''[[DP015|Shapes of Things to Come]]'', attempting to use the [[Damage modification|type advantage]] over the {{type|Rock}} Pokémon. However, Roark's Geodude had little trouble in defeating the {{t|Water}} Pokémon, deflecting Hydro Pump with {{m|Hidden Power}} and knocking it out with {{m|Rollout}}.
After such a loss, Paul gave Azumarill away to a little boy during ''[[DP016|A Gruff Act to Follow]]'', claiming it had no potential to improve and there was no point wasting his time on it. This infuriated Ash and set their rivalry in stone.
Unsatisfied with its loss, Paul gave Azumarill away to a little boy during ''[[DP016|A Gruff Act to Follow]]'', claiming it had no potential to improve and there was no point wasting his time on it. This infuriated Ash, pushing their rivalry even further.
Azumarill's known moves are {{m|Hydro Pump}} and {{m|Water Gun}}.}}
Azumarill's known moves are {{m|Hydro Pump}} and {{m|Water Gun}}.}}

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This article is about the character from the Diamond & Pearl series. For the English voice actor credited as Ed Paul, see Ted Lewis.

シンジ Shinji
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Purple
Hometown Veilstone City
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Reggie (brother)
Trainer class Trainer
Anime debut Two Degrees of Separation
English voice actor Julián Rebolledo
Japanese voice actor Kiyotaka Furushima

Paul (Japanese: シンジ Shinji) is a rival of Ash in the anime. He is from Veilstone City in Sinnoh. He was first seen at the end of Two Degrees of Separation, though his full introduction was in When Pokémon Worlds Collide!. He is Ash's first and main Diamond & Pearl series rival.


201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201

At the beginning, it was assumed that Paul was a Trainer just starting out. However, this was proven incorrect in Top-Down Training, in which he revealed that he had already traveled through Hoenn, Johto and Kanto, participating in their respective Leagues but didn't win anything before returning to Sinnoh. In A Pyramiding Rage!, it was revealed that Kanto was the very first region he traveled through.

He first appeared in Two Degrees of Seperation, although he only made a brief appearance at the ending of that episode; he was fully introduced in the next episode, When Pokémon Worlds Collide!, in which he challenged Ash to a 3-on-3 battle. After the battle resulted in a tie, Paul released one of the three Starly he caught, writing it off as weak, and walked off, and later appeared 3 episodes later in Different Strokes for Different Blokes; after exploring Bewilder Forest meeting Ash along the way, he then had a one-on-one battle with him and won. He caught his Ursaring in the forest. During the episode, multiple times did he insult Ash and his Turtwig by calling it pathetic, sparking their rivalry into motion. At this point did Ash begin to realize Paul's strategy of disregarding Pokémon and releasing them would they not meet his expectations. He commented at the episode's end that he would not lose to Paul again.

He then battled against the first Gym Leader Roark in A Shape of Things to Come and creatively won, and although he stayed to watch Ash's first battle against him in the next episode, he then walked off. His style of indiscriminately releasing weak Pokémon was shown again as after the Azumarill he was using failed to help him almost at all in the battle, he gave it away to some kid.

He did not appear again until Top-Down Training in which he audaciously challenged the Sinnoh League champion Cynthia to a full 6-on-6 battle, but after his first four Pokémon were easily defeated by Cynthia's Garchomp, he surrendered. He briefly appeared in A A-Maze-Ing Race. He was then a participant in the Hearthome City Tag-Battle Tournament, in which he was ironically partnered with his rival Ash. After winning the quarter-final match, having been largely disappointed in his Chimchar, released it (only to have it immediately claimed by Ash). He and Ash managed to win the tournament. He also revealed the story of how he captured Chimchar; he saw it, sometime in the past, use a highly impressive Blaze to counteract a horde of Zangoose that were violently attacking it. He captured Chimchar, but never while it was in his possession did he manage to reignite that Blaze. After winning the tournament, he, writing the tournament off as nothing more than an opportunity to boost his battling skills, gave his Soothe Bell prize to Ash.

He also captured his Gliscor in Riding the Winds of Change!. His next appearance was in Chim - Charred!, in which he engaged in a best two out of three battle with Ash after engaging in an argument over Ash's true skills as a trainer. After using his Gliscor to easily defeat Ash's Gligar, he then put his Ursaring against Chimchar. After having the lower hand for much of the battle, Chimchar activated its Blaze ability to easily defeat Ursaring. The battle was cancelled when Chimchar's Blaze couldn't be controlled since it was activated out of resentment and a determination to defeat Paul. Paul was impressed as the Blaze appeared much more powerful than the Blaze that drove him to initially capture Chimchar in the first place. He next appeared in Aiding the Enemy, in which he easily defeated Ash in a 1-on-1 battle with his Torterra, who later helped Ash's Grotle handle the changes in it's evolution. He also participated in the PokéRinger challenge in Pursuing a Lofty Goal! with his Honchkrow, and made it to the finals but lost to Ash's Staraptor.

In his next appearance, A Pyramiding Rage!, much was revealed about Paul's motivation as a Pokémon Trainer and more about his character. When his older brother Reggie was a roaming Pokémon Trainer, he had lost to Brandon. Reggie's loss to Brandon is what caused Paul to be so adamant about strength in battle. This single loss is also what caused Paul to become the callous person he was, and that was because of how his brother handled the loss. Instead of bearing the shame of his loss to Brandon, Reggie moved on with his life and put the loss behind him. Paul found this to be unacceptable, and he became disappointed of his brother. He challenged Brandon to a Full Battle in hopes that he would be able to do what his brother never could. However, Paul lost to Brandon without being able to knock out any of Brandon's Pokémon. Brandon said that this loss was because Paul was unable to control his emotions.

Following Reggie's suggestion in A Pyramiding Rage!, Paul battled Ash in a full battle in Pedal to the Mettle! and Evolving Strategies!. Here, he showed his true colors in battle and, despite Ash's Chimchar evolving into Monferno and three of Ash's Pokémon using the Counter Shield strategy, Paul won the match easily with only at a loss of two Pokémon overall, one of which defeated half of Ash's team nearly single-handedly. He had his Pokémon use a broad variety of strategies, which he kept up his sleeve until this battle, such as tempting Ash to send his Staraptor up against his Torterra so he could attack it with Stone Edge, Electabuzz using Light Screen to aid its comrades, using his Ursaring against Ash's Pikachu so as to activate its Guts Ability, and his Magmortar using Rock Tomb to protect itself against Water-type attacks. As a result, his strategy of completely overwhelming and outsmarting Ash with his more powerful Pokémon team succeeded with excellent results.

Paul and Ash

In Double-Time Battle Training!, it was revealed that Paul had earned the Mine Badge from Canalave Gym and, by doing so, had collected the eight Badges he required to enter the Sinnoh League.

Paul reappeared in Fighting Ire with Fire!, encountering Ash for the first time since their full battle. He also met his admirer Barry for the first time; however, Paul wasn't impressed by him and refused his offer for a battle, suggesting he battle Ash instead since he was denying all challenges to go into serious training. He later watched the battle between Ash's Monferno and Barry's Empoleon and when Pikachu, Piplup and Empoleon were nearly crushed by one of Team Rocket's damaged mechas, he saved the three with the help of his Electabuzz. He then witnessed Monferno evolving into Infernape, who then saved Electabuzz and the other Pokémon from getting crushed. Paul was impressed by Infernape, and gained a little respect for Ash at how well he had raised it. When asked by Ash if they could have another full battle, Paul confirmed they would in the Sinnoh League, and that Reggie was looking forward to seeing it.

In An Old Family Blend!, he was shown in the stadium along with all the other competitors. In League Unleashed!, he passed the preliminary round. In Casting a Paul on Barry!, with his superior tactics and the superior power of his Pokémon, he defeated Barry in the third round. His next battle was against his rival Ash in Familiarity Breeds Strategy!, continuing into A Real Rival Rouser! and Battling a Thaw in Relations!. After a fierce battle, Paul was finally defeated, and he and Ash parted on good terms, Ash having earned Paul's respect. It also seemed Paul had decided to change somewhat, as when Electivire was defeated, he thanked it for a job well done, something that, up until that point, Paul never did, even if his Pokémon won. Afterwards, Paul stated that his next intention was to return to Snowpoint City and re-challenge Brandon. He briefly appeared in The Semi-Final Frontier!, seeing Ash lose to Tobias.

Privately commenting to Brock and Dawn on the battle between Ash and Paul, Cynthia predicted that they would both be entering the Champion League soon.

Paul made a cameo appearance during the credits of Zoroark: Master of Illusions, in which he was seen visiting a ruin with statues of Dialga and Palkia.

Personality and training

Paul's only concern in his Pokémon is of their strength in battle. He strongly dislikes weak Pokémon and has a habit of releasing them if they do not meet his high expectations. To this effect, Paul always checks new captures with his Pokédex to learn what moves they know and trains the Pokémon he keeps harshly to make them strong. He feels that bonding with Pokémon would only turn them into slackers. He also has a habit of scolding his Pokémon for losing to opponents he feels they could have beaten, especially Chimchar. He has also demonstrated similar behavior to Azumarill, Honchkrow and Ursaring. His catchphrase when calling out Pokémon is "<Pokémon>, Battle Standby!" in Japanese version and "<Pokémon>, standby for battle!" in English version.

As a person, he is very callous at times and even brutal, especially in battle and as a result, he has been shown to display very little emotion other than an occasional rough smile when dealing with Ash.

Reggie and Paul

Sometimes, he gives some of his Pokémon to his brother, Reggie, for temporary training and caretaking, as revealed in Lost Leader Strategy!. Paul also disagrees with his brother for giving up on being a Pokémon Trainer after failing to get the Brave Symbol. He feels his brother's approach and view on this to be wrong. Reggie cares about his brother and ultimately loves him as brother but has no illusions about Paul's character. He openly admitted sadly that Paul has always had a cruel streak.

Paul has been shown to have a certain degree of athleticism. In Different Strokes for Different Blokes, he and Chimchar were seen to be able to downwardly scale a cliff of a waterfall near Bewilder Forest by swinging and leaping from rocks and branches. This could indicate that Paul physically trains himself and not just his Pokémon.

Paul originally felt that Ash was a weak Trainer when they first met, as shown with the capture of Starly when he questioned Ash about how strong Starly was. Ash's very different attitude towards being friends with Pokémon also provided much fuel to their rivalry. Despite that, Paul barely recognized their rivalry and Ash as a Trainer and ignored his speeches about loving his Pokémon. However, Paul's first hint of respect for Ash was in A Pyramiding Rage! when he was very surprised to hear that Ash had beaten Brandon in a Pokémon battle.

Although Paul found most of the Pokémon in Ash's party at the time to be weak, he had shown a particular interest in his Pikachu, as shown in A Gruff Act To Follow!. Paul was also angered by how Ash "contradicts" himself by criticizing Paul's training methods and then uses similar ones, such as entering the Wallace Cup, despite Ash's motivations being clearly different than Paul's.

Paul appears to feel indifference to Dawn, showing that he didn't even bother to remember her name in A Gruff Act to Follow. However, he talks to her about Ash in Familiarity Breeds Strategy!. Paul confesses his main problem with Ash is his talk about bringing out a Pokémon's inner strength through his bond with them and how any Pokémon has the potential to be strong reminds him a lot of Reggie. Paul shows mild respect as well as distaste towards Brock, probably because Brock supports Ash's view on Pokémon. Paul does show respect for his elders, such as Professor Rowan, Cynthia, Nurse Joy and Brandon. However it should be noted that keeping with his views of strong Pokémon and strong Trainers that he only respects actual Trainers with strong Pokémon. While he respects Professor Rowan and Nurse Joy for their wisdom and positions, he only respects Cynthia and Brandon for their abilities as Trainers. He is shown to have no respect for Gym Leaders who he feels are weak. While he was shown to respect Roark who he judged to be in the end a worthy opponent, he was openly rude and mean to Maylene.

After a fierce battle in the Sinnoh League Tournament, Paul was finally defeated and he and Ash parted on good terms, Ash having earned Paul's respect and ending their rivalry.


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As a result of Paul's selective team creation, his active team is composed of Pokémon that he deems to be powerful. Whilst the captures of Ursaring and Gliscor were shown in Different Strokes for Different Blokes and Riding the Winds of Change! respectively, and Ninjask's was revealed in a flashback during Glory Blaze!, his team has for the most part been captured off-screen. Several other Pokémon in his possession were captured on screen but later released.

On hand

This listing is of Paul's Pokémon as of the most recent Japanese episode and the ones used for the last full battle against Ash:

Paul's Electivire
Elekid → Electabuzz → Electivire
Main article: Paul's Electivire

Electivire was the first of Paul's revealed Pokémon. Paul used it as an Elekid during his first appearance in When Pokémon Worlds Collide! in a battle against Ash and his Pikachu. In Smells Like Team Spirit!, Elekid evolved into Electabuzz during a tag battle in which it was fighting alongside Ash's Chimchar. It reappeared as an Electivire in Casting a Paul on Barry!, having evolved off screen at a prior point. It was used by Paul to battle Barry and Ash in his league matches. It was the last Pokémon used against Ash in their full battle at the Lily of the Valley Conference.

Debut Two Degrees of Separation!
Voice actors
Japanese Kenta Miyake
English Bill Rogers
Paul's Ninjask
Paul's Ninjask was caught shortly before Paul met Chimchar, as shown in a flashback in Glory Blaze!.

In A Real Rival Rouser!, it was revealed that Paul still had Ninjask, and Paul chose it to battle against Ash's Gliscor. It fought hard against Gliscor but was eventually defeated after a hard battle with Infernape. It was the fourth Pokémon used by Paul.

Ninjask's known moves are Agility, Fury Cutter, and Giga Drain, and its Ability is Speed Boost.

Debut Glory Blaze!
Voice actors
English Billy Beach
Paul's Lairon

Paul's Aggron
Lairon → Aggron
Paul's Aggron first appeared as a Lairon in A Pyramiding Rage!, in which it fought against Brandon's Regice. Despite having a significant type advantage, it lost in a matter of seconds after only managing to use Iron Defense; Regice froze it solid with Ice Beam and then knocked it out with a single Zap Cannon.

In Familiarity Breeds Strategy! it was shown that Lairon had evolved into an Aggron and battled against Ash's Pikachu in the Lily of the Valley Conference. It managed to give Pikachu problems, but was eventually defeated by Ash's Infernape. It was the first Pokémon used by Paul in the Conference. It was one of the two Pokémon used by Paul to uncover Ash's strategy, the other being Gastrodon.

Aggron's known moves are Iron Defense, Metal Claw, Metal Sound, Flash Cannon and Double-Edge, and its Ability is Rock Head.

Debut A Pyramiding Rage!
Voice actors
Japanese Kenta Miyake
English Billy Beach
Paul's Gastrodon
Paul's Gastrodon battled against Ash's Staraptor and proved to be a tough opponent, even using Muddy Water as a Counter Shield. However, it was beaten by Ash's Buizel after Ash recalled Staraptor. It was the second Pokémon used by Paul and was one of the two Pokémon used by Paul to uncover Ash's strategy, the other being Aggron.

Gastrodon's known moves are Muddy Water, Body Slam, Water Pulse, and Ice Beam.

Debut Familiarity Breeds Strategy!
Voice actors
English Tom Wayland
Paul's Drapion
Drapion was the third Pokémon used in the Lily of the Valley Conference match against Ash where it was sent out after Paul uncovered Ash's strategy. As a result, Drapion was able to defeat Buizel, Staraptor and Torterra. After defeating Torterra, Paul recalled Drapion, which was the only one that was recalled by him during the entire battle. Throughout the battle, Drapion's Toxic Spikes poisoned most of Ash's team, but eventually Infernape's Underground Flare Blitz technique managed to burn off the spikes. Later, Drapion went up against Ash's Gliscor. Gliscor's speed was too much for Drapion to handle, it was knocked out after being burned from Gliscor's Fire Fang.

Drapion's known moves are Pin Missile, Cross Poison, Toxic Spikes, and Poison Fang.

Debut Familiarity Breeds Strategy!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Unshō Ishizuka
Paul's Froslass
Froslass was used by Paul in his second full battle against Ash in the Lily of the Valley Conference, in which she went up against Ash's Pikachu. Using Hail, Froslass was able to cause damage to Pikachu and restrict his Thunderbolt. The hail also gave her an opportunity to hide since it activated her Snow Cloak ability. Eventually, Pikachu was able to get the upper hand and defeated Froslass with Iron Tail and Volt Tackle. She was the fifth Pokémon used by Paul in the battle.

Froslass's known moves are Hail, Ice Shard and Ice Beam, and her Ability is Snow Cloak.

Debut A Real Rival Rouser!
Voice actors
Japanese Satsuki Yukino
English Bella Hudson

With Reggie

In Veilstone City, Reggie told Ash that Paul's "other Pokémon are here too" which may include his reserves. In Glory Blaze!, Paul mentions that he wanted Chimchar to become the most powerful out of all his Fire-type Pokémon. This could mean he has other Fire-type Pokémon besides Magmortar.

Paul's Torterra
Turtwig → Grotle → Torterra
Main article: Paul's Torterra

Torterra is Paul's strongest Pokémon and his starter as well. It made its first appearance in Top-Down Training!, in which it was used in a battle against Cynthia's Garchomp.

Torterra helped Ash's Grotle cope with its lack of speed after evolution.

Debut Top-Down Training!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Billy Beach
Paul's Ursaring
Main article: Paul's Ursaring

Paul caught Ursaring in Different Strokes for Different Blokes with the help of his Chimchar. Ursaring was seen several times since, often battling with Chimchar.

Debut Different Strokes for Different Blokes
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Unshō Ishizuka
Paul's Honchkrow
Murkrow → Honchkrow
Main article: Paul's Honchkrow

Honchkrow's first official appearance was as a Murkrow in Top-Down Training!, in which Paul used it in battle against Cynthia's Garchomp. It evolved off-screen between Riding the Winds of Change! and Lost Leader Strategy!.

Debut Top-Down Training!
Voice actors
Japanese Shin'ichirō Miki
English Bill Rogers
Paul's Weavile
Paul caught Weavile while he journeyed through Hoenn, Johto and Kanto. Weavile made its first appearance in a battle against Cynthia's Garchomp where it lost, despite the double type-advantage. Paul sent Weavile out in Riding the Winds of Change! where it worked with Electabuzz to capture Gliscor. Weavile briefly appeared in Aiding the Enemy as Torterra's sparring partner. Weavile appeared again in Pedal to the Mettle! where it went up against Ash's Staraptor in Ash and Paul's full battle and lost, despite the type-advantage. In Battling a Thaw in Relations! it was at Reggie's house, where it, along with Paul's Torterra, Ursaring and Honchkrow, were unhappy to find out Paul had lost.

Weavile's known moves are Blizzard, Ice Beam, Ice Shard, Swords Dance and Metal Claw.

Debut Top-Down Training!
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura
English Bill Rogers
Paul's Magmortar
Magmar → Magmortar
Main article: Paul's Magmortar

Paul chose Magmortar to replace his Chimchar after he released it. It first debuted as a Magmar in Lost Leader Strategy!, in which it appeared in a flashback. Magmar made its first real appearance in Aiding the Enemy!, sleeping with Paul's other Pokémon.

Magmar's evolution was revealed in Pedal to the Mettle! when Paul chose Magmortar to battle Ash's Pikachu.

Debut Lost Leader Strategy!
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda
English Tom Wayland
Paul's Gliscor
Paul caught Gliscor in Riding the Winds of Change! when Electabuzz and Weavile battled it as he saw that it was a powerful Pokémon. Gliscor appeared again in Chim - Charred!, in which it was used to battle Ash's Gligar and won the battle rather easily. Gliscor made a brief appearance in Aiding the Enemy along with Paul's other Pokémon outside of the Pokémon Center while the Team Rocket trio took care of Paul's Torterra. Gliscor has not been seen since.

Gliscor's known moves are X-Scissor, Sandstorm, Knock Off, and Guillotine.

Debut Riding the Winds of Change!
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda
English Marc Thompson
Paul's Hariyama
Hariyama fought against Brandon's Regirock, with Paul bringing it out to utilize its type advantage. It appeared to be very powerful, managing to block Regirock's otherwise deadly Stone Edge with its hands and strike with multiple Arm Thrusts. However, it was caught at close range, stunned with Shock Wave and flattened by a strong Focus Punch.

Hariyama's known moves are Arm Thrust and Force Palm.

Debut A Pyramiding Rage!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Bill Rogers
Paul's Nidoking
Paul's Nidoking fought against Brandon's Registeel. Nidoking also proved to be powerful, surprising even Brandon with his ability to recover so quickly from a Flash Cannon to the face. He hit Registeel directly with all of his attacks, but the Drill Pokémon didn't manage to cause much damage to the Iron Pokémon and was defeated with a powerful Iron Head.

Nidoking's known moves are Earth Power, Double Kick, and Thunderbolt.

Debut A Pyramiding Rage!
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Katsuyuki Konishi


It is implied that Paul has caught and released many more Pokémon than what has been shown on-screen.

Paul's Starly
Starly (×2)
Paul caught these two Starly the same time he caught the final one. Paul released the two as soon as he checked them on his Pokédex, deeming them too weak for his team, and the fact that they only knew Tackle and Sand-Attack.
Debut When Pokémon Worlds Collide!
Voice actors
Japanese Kiyotaka Furushima
English Sarah Natochenny
Paul's Starly
Paul caught the final Starly the same time he caught two of them. He kept it as soon as he checked them on his Pokédex, due to its knowledge of Aerial Ace and was used against Ash's Starly in their first battle. Despite Paul's Starly winning, Paul decided it was not up to his standards and so it was released after the battle.

Starly's known moves were Aerial Ace and Double Team.

Debut When Pokémon Worlds Collide!
Voice actors
Japanese Kiyotaka Furushima
English Sarah Natochenny
Paul's Stantler
Paul caught Stantler while in Bewilder Forest, but released it as soon as he checked it on his Pokédex, due to the fact that its only move was Tackle.
Debut Different Strokes for Different Blokes
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Katsuyuki Konishi
Paul's Chimchar
Main article: Paul's Chimchar

When Paul first saw Chimchar, it was being chased by a group of Zangoose. Paul was impressed with it and added it to his regular team. However, this first impression did not match up to Chimchar's normal abilities and so Paul regularly criticized it for being weak. After losing to Cynthia's Garchomp in Top-Down Training, Paul realized that Chimchar was not fulfilling his expectations. This culminated in the tag battle tournament arc in which he was forced to battle alongside Ash. During a battle against a Zangoose and a Metagross, Chimchar was too scared to make any attack when caught in Zangoose's claws. After the battle, Paul released Chimchar in front of Ash, who then invited it to join him.

Debut When Pokémon Worlds Collide!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Bill Rogers

Given away

Paul's Azumarill
Paul caught Azumarill for his battle with Roark in Shapes of Things to Come, attempting to use the type advantage over the Rock-type Pokémon. However, Roark's Geodude had little trouble in defeating the Water Pokémon, deflecting Hydro Pump with Hidden Power and knocking it out with Rollout.

Unsatisfied with its loss, Paul gave Azumarill away to a little boy during A Gruff Act to Follow, claiming it had no potential to improve and there was no point wasting his time on it. This infuriated Ash, pushing their rivalry even further.

Azumarill's known moves are Hydro Pump and Water Gun.

Debut Shapes of Things to Come
Voice actors
Japanese Tomoko Kawakami
English Kayzie Rogers

Known Badges obtained

Sinnoh League

It can be assumed, if not confirmed, that Paul also has at least eight Badges each from Hoenn, Johto and Kanto, as he has entered all three of their league conferences.

Pokémon League

Paul has competed in the following Pokémon League competitions:

Pokémon competitions

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 古島清孝 Kiyotaka Furushima
English Julián Rebolledo
Mandarin Chinese 李世揚 Li Shìyáng
Czech Michal Holan
Zdeněk Hruška
Danish Mathias Klenske (DP002)
Peter Holst Beck (DP003-present)
Dutch Tony Neef
European French Alessandro Bevilacqua (DP002-DP052)
Gauthier De Fauconval (DP053-present)
German Johannes Wolko
Hebrew מירון אהרונוביץ Meron Aharonovich
Indonesian Kamal Nasuti (DP182-present)
Italian Massimo Di Benedetto (DP001-DP052)
Maurizio Merluzzo (DP053-present)
Korean 문남숙 Mun Nam-Suk
Norwegian Tommy Karlsen
Polish Artur Pontek
Portuguese Brazil Gabriel Noya
Portugal Pedro Cardoso (DP002-DP052)
Mário Santos (DP053-present)
Spanish Latin America Gerardo García (DP002-DP100, DP163-present)
Gabriel Ortiz (DP118)
Eduardo Ramírez(DP127-DP132)
Ricardo Bautista (DP155)
Spain Pablo Sevilla


Early artwork
  • Paul was first revealed to the fandom through a CoroCoro scan that showed him alongside Ash and Dawn commanding a Chimchar. However, his name and role was not revealed until the following week and so he received the fan name "Nugai" (a pun derived from "new guy") during that time.
  • Three of Ash's Pokémon have evolved while battling against Paul: Turtwig into Grotle, Staravia into Staraptor, and Chimchar into Monferno. Both Turtwig and Staravia evolved while battling Honchkrow.
  • Paul is the first regular rival seen capturing a Pokémon on screen.
  • Paul has been defeated onscreen three times, and each time three of his Pokémon debuted.
  • Paul shares his Japanese name with that of Lake Verity.
  • Paul has three Pokémon in common with Ash's original rival, Gary Oak: Electivire, Nidoking and Magmar.
  • Paul has used a Pokémon of every type except for the Psychic-type and the Dragon-type.
  • Paul is the only trainer to abandon one of Ash's Fire type Pokémon that has been seen more than once outside of flashbacks.
  • Paul and Trip, Ash's Unova rival, are Ash's only rivals to have battled a Champion.
    • Paul is also the first regular recurring character to battle the Champion of a main series region.


Language Name Origin
Japanese シンジ Shinji Possibly from 真珠 shinju (pearl), a reference to Pokémon Pearl. Could also be named after 宮崎慎二 Shinji Miyazaki.
English, French,
German, Latin America
Paul Possibly from pearl.
Spanish Polo Spanish adaptation of Paul.
Korean 진철 Jincheol Possibly from 진주 jinju (pearl).
Chinese (Mandarin) 真司 Zhēnsī From the name 真司 Shinji. Also similar to 真珠 zhēnzhū (pearl).
Chinese (Cantonese) 真司 Jānsī Same as Mandarin name.

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Supporting Officer JennyNurse JoyMagikarp salesmanTodd SnapCharles GoodshowCaseyLizaSakuraLanceStevenMr. SukizoRaoul ContestaVivian MeridianRobertScottLilian MeridianMarianRhondaCynthiaReggieAngieLookerLyraKhouryDon GeorgeAlderLukeFreddy O'MartianIngoEmmetJervisNAnthea and ConcordiaPorterAlexaSophieCosetteClembotSanpeiMairinDianthaGurkinnMonsieur PierrePalermoKeananMalvaSquishyZ2Samson OakHobbesGym LeadersElite FourFrontier BrainsIsland KahunasMany temporary characters

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