Pamtre Berry

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Pamtre.png Pamtre Berry Berry
シーヤのみのみ Seaya Berry Fruit
No. 32
Size (in) Size (cm) Firmness
9.6"" 0.0 cm Very Soft
Tag description
Generation III Drifts on the sea from somewhere. It is thought to grow elsewhere.
Generation IV This Berry drifted from a faraway sea. It is now cultivated in the Sinnoh region.
Bag description
Generation III
Generation IV Unknown
Generation V Unknown
Generation VI Unknown
Generation VII Unknown
Pokéblock/Poffin Ingredient
Name Palm Tree (Palm Fruit)
Design Unknown
Natural Gift
Type Unknown
Power Unknown
Ice Cream Scoop
Flavor 1 Flavor 2 Flavor 3

Pamtre Berry is a type of Berry introduced in Generation III. It has no other purpose than to be mixed with other Berries to create Pokéblocks or Poffin to raise a Pokémon's contest condition.


Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

From the Berry Master's wife after she is told the phrase Challenge Contest.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Sometimes found in Amity Square by a partner Pokémon.

Growth and harvest (Generation III)

Pamtre Berries grow in 3 days, 18 hours per stage. They will grow 1-2 berries.

Growth and harvest (Generation IV)

Pamtre Berries grow in 2-and-a-half days, 15 hours per stage. They will grow 1-15 berries.

Berry blending

Berry crushing

At 100% performance, this berry will contribute 250 units of powder.

Poffin cooking

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