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Tokiwa City
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 9
Location Viridian City
Manga series Pokémon Zensho
Previous Chapter PZ08
Next Chapter PZ10

(Japanese: トキワシティ Tokiwa City) is the eighth chapter of the Pokémon Zensho manga.


Satoshi's mom is watering some flowers in her yard when Satoshi comes. She recognizes Charizard as the Charmander Satoshi left with, commenting on how well it looks. Later, in his room, Satoshi has his Gym Badges spread out on his bed, thinking that he only needs one more Badge. Then Pikachu comes into the room with a piece of candy his mother gave it. Seeing the round shape of the candy, Satoshi gets out a book. He opens it to a page with a Raichu on it and takes out a Thunderstone. He asks Pikachu if it'll evolve into Raichu. Pikachu remembers how Satoshi's mom liked it just the way it is, so it shakes its head no. Next door, Shigeru returns home. He goes to a book shelf looking for an atlas, but notices it's missing. He asks his sister about it, and she says she gave it to Satoshi. She tells him that the reason she gave Satoshi the map is because she had a bad vision about him.

Shigeru gets angry and storms out. At Satoshi's house, Satoshi gets ready to leave. His mom sees some storm clouds forming and asks Satoshi if he wants an umbrella. Satoshi flies away into the storm. After he leaves, Mr. Fuji comes out of nowhere with something wrapped in a cloth in his hand. He asks Satoshi's mom where Viridian City is, and she points him where it is. Satoshi arrives and goes into the Gym and sees that Giovanni is the Gym Leader. So they begin their battle. Satoshi sends out Lapras while Giovanni sends out Rhydon.

Lapras uses its Hydro Pump and it severely hurts Rhydon. Rhydon then hits Lapras, so Satoshi replaces Lapras with Charizard. Later on Giovanni is defeated and gives Satoshi the Earth Badge. When Satoshi is on his Charizard, Shigeru comes and starts attacking his Pokémon.

Major events


Pokémon debuts





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