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==Major events==
==Major events==
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[[Category: Pokémon Adventures rounds]]
[[Category: Pokémon Adventures rounds]]

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Finding Truth
VS Tornelos, Voltolos, Landlos II
Chapter Black & White
Collected in Vol. 48
Round number 497
Location Nacrene City/Dragonspiral Tower
Previous Round Museum Showdown
Next Round Decisions, Decisions

Finding Truth (Japanese: VSトルネロス・ボルトロス・ランドロスII VS Tornelos, Voltolos, Landlos II or 復活 Resurrection) is the 497th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • The Gym Leaders and Hawes are captured by the Shadow Triad, but Brycen manages to escape.
  • Black is tricked by a Team Plasma Grunt into revealing the Dark Stone's location.
  • Ghetsis takes the Dark Stone to N, who then uses it to revive Zekrom.
  • Lenora is revealed to have had the Light Stone the entire time.
  • Reshiram chooses Black as its "hero".
  • Brycen takes the unconscious Black and the Light Stone with the intent to train him.


Pokémon debuts





In other languages

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