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PS440 : The Final Dimensional Duel X
Platinum arc
PS442 : Out-Odding Oddish
The Final Dimensional Duel XI
The Shining Souls
Different Dimension Battle XI
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 441 in Vol. 40
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 104 in Vol. 11
Series Pokémon Adventures

The Final Dimensional Duel XI (Japanese: 異次元決戦XI Different Dimension Battle XI), titled Alternate Dimension Showdown XI in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 441st chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 25th and final chapter of the Platinum arc.

It is subtitled The Shining Souls (Japanese: 魂の光 Soul's Light) in the VIZ Media translation and Soul's Light in the Chuang Yi translation.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Giratina has just been buried under a pile of meteors. Cynthia, whose Garchomp unleashed the meteors onto Giratina, correctly predicted Giratina's next entry point from the Distortion World as Sunyshore City, a place where the sun always shines during the day, using her reasoning that Giratina had been living in a world where there was no light. Her grandmother, who accompanied Cynthia to Sunyshore, still believed that Giratina would have appeared at Eterna City, but is impressed at the perfect attack that Cynthia commanded.

A heavily injured Charon, who had commanded Giratina to leave the Distortion World, vows not to give up, and blinds Cynthia and her grandmother with a Smoke Ball while sneaking under the solar panel bridge that both were standing on. However, Charon finds himself surrounded by Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Dialga, Palkia, and Cresselia. Despite Platinum's claim that Charon can no longer escape, Charon states that he still has his machine capable of controlling every Pokémon, and starts using his machine to close the portal to the Distortion World.

Knowing that Palmer and many others would be trapped in the Distortion World if the portal closes, Pearl orders Chatler to snatch Charon's machine away, but Charon uses his machine to make Chatler turn around and attack Pearl. Diamond and Platinum quickly order Lax and Rapidash forward, but they are controlled by Charon's machine as well and start attacking their own Trainers. Suddenly, a robot knocks Charon's machine out of his hands and destroys it. Diamond recognizes it as his Proteam Omega toy, and Charon furiously tries to throw a boulder at it, but the robot zaps Charon with a dose of electricity.

Rotom emerges from the robot, and Diamond realizes that Rotom took control of his toy. Professor Rowan and his assistant, Mr. Berlitz, then appear on the solar panel bridge. Rowan states that some old documents that they have researched described a Pokémon capable of possessing toy robots, and now they are certain that it is Rotom that was being described. Meanwhile, Palmer and Riley bring Cheryl, Mira, Marley, the Advanced level Grunt, Dr. Footstep, the Sinnoh Pokémon Association Chairman, and Paka and Uji out of the Distortion World with the help of Heatran, Reg, Uxie Mesprit, Azelf, and Shaymin. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn also step out of the Distortion World portal, and mock Charon for losing to a toy.

Cyrus then steps out of the portal as well, remarking that his Commanders made an inappropriate comment. He inspects the broken machine that belonged to Charon, and praises Charon for creating such a machine. Cyrus then finds out that the machine had been used at the Spear Pillar. Saturn, realizing the implication behind this, yells that Charon never cared about Team Galactic's grand plan, and only wanted to get Giratina for himself. Charon quickly denies this and swears his utmost loyalty to Team Galactic. He even puts his left hand up to allow Cyrus to pinch him where it hurts most.

Cyrus, after a moment of silence, addresses his Commanders by their names, and announces the disbandment of Team Galactic. He then embarks on his Probopass and gets ready to leave. However, Jupiter yells that Cyrus still has the responsibility of being their boss, and that none of the Commanders can go on living without Team Galactic. Mars and Saturn sheepishly agree with that statement. Cyrus allows Mars, Jupiter and Saturn to embark on his Magnezone. Cyrus then thanks Diamond, Pearl and Platinum for being truly noble warriors, and then his Probopass and Magnezone start transporting the four of them away. Charon deems the four former Team Galactic members to be traitors and wants them arrested. A voice behind him agrees. He reveals himself to be a now fully-healed Looker who jumps off the solar panel bridge and arrests Charon once and for all. Buck, who has also recovered from his injuries, appears on the solar panel bridge and is greeted happily by his Battleground companions.

Giratina straightens up and prepares to ambush Platinum from behind. Diamond and Pearl notice this and quickly get ready to protect Platinum, but two beams shoot out of the Distortion World portal and knock Giratina back towards the ground. Volkner and Flint emerge from the portal and high-five each other in a prideful boast of their strength. Giratina, once it is able to look up, sees Dialga and Palkia staring at it. It unwillingly heads through the portal and closes it. Dialga and Palkia then take to the skies and depart from the city. As for the rest of the Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf begin to depart as well, presumably returning to their respective lakes. Regigigas pledges its commitment to Diamond's team with the nickname Reg and Rotom also decides to stay with Diamond. Cresselia remains with Palmer and Shaymin happily accepts Marley's invitation to join her team. Finally, Buck announces that he will escort Heatran back to Stark Mountain. Cheryl and Mira agree to help him. Riley wonders where Darkrai is, and the former Advanced level Grunt spots it further away, moving away from the region.

Professor Rowan, having seen the alternate forms of Giratina, Rotom, and Shaymin, has his interest in Pokémon transformations piqued. Mr. Berlitz claims that with new things to research, they will be very busy. His wife, Professor Yanase Berlitz, appears on the bridge and states that she and Platinum are happy to help with their research. Cynthia muses about the happy ending, but is interrupted by her grandmother who demands "for her overdose on Route 210". Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum rush towards Cynthia to ask why she is leaving already, and Cynthia states that she promised to bring her grandmother to the Café Cabin for lots of Moomoo Milk as thanks for providing the training to master Draco Meteor.

Looker's phone then rings, and he answers the call. He learns that the International Police have tasked him with a new mission which would take place in the faraway region of Unova to investigate another shady organization and its executive members, known as the Seven Sages. His current mission would be taken over by someone else in the International Police. Cynthia overhears the conversation with Looker and his superiors, and gets intrigued by the word "Unova", but her grandmother, who cannot understand the delay, impatiently barks for the Moomoo Milk. After saying goodbye to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Looker begins to depart on his jet pack, but plummets down to the ground again because he has apparently forgotten about something. Looker gives the trio a blue-colored Egg. He explains it was protected by two Pokémon Rangers from the Fiore region, and the young girl accompanying them wanted him to pass it to a Trainer in Sinnoh, because they want the Egg hatched.

Once Looker is definitely out of sight, the trio wonder if the crisis is over. Dr. Footstep believes so after examining the footprints left by Giratina. The Sinnoh Pokémon Association Chairman confirms that Giratina has returned to the Distortion World. And with that, the trio share a fist-bump with each other like they did at the Spear Pillar. Palmer then arrives in front of the trio, and reminds Platinum that she still has one more facility to challenge. Platinum remembers that it is the Battle Tower, and Pearl also realizes that it means she'll be battling his father. Platinum then requests something from Diamond and Pearl, her bodyguards since her journey began, perform a Manzai since she hasn't heard for a while. Diamond and Pearl are more than glad to perform for her, and do so with Platinum as the only audience member.

Several months later, Diamond and Pearl are at the Pokémon Day Care in Solaceon Town having fun with a blue sea-angel like creature. As Platinum looks on, Diamond asks the creature to perform a Heart Swap. The Day-Care Couple then enter with another similar sea angel-like creature. The Day-Care Lady remembers that the blue-colored Egg the trio brought in hatched into the Pokémon they are accompanied with now, called Manaphy, they soon found a normal Egg next to Manaphy, which hatched into the Pokémon that Diamond and Pearl are playing with, called Phione. Platinum observes the two Pokémon are actually different species, and the Day-Care Lady remarks that Phione is not the pre-evolution of Manaphy.

The Day-Care Man states that the personality of Trainers who hatch Pokémon from Eggs influence the personalities of the hatched Pokémon themselves, which reminds him of another Trainer who hatched an Egg.

Major events

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  • In the Japanese version, Cyrus's speech about Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum contains the names of their game counterparts Lucas, Barry, and Dawn: "高貴なる をもって 使命ずる" ("Because of the light from your noble souls, you would sacrifice yourselves for your mission."). In this sentence, Lucas's Japanese name (コウキ Kōki) means "noble", Barry's Japanese name (ジュン Jun) forms the verb "ずる" meaning "self-sacrifice", and Dawn's Japanese name (ヒカリ Hikari) means "light".
  • Lunick, Solana, and Iyori's cameo at the end of the chapter indicates that Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission and, by extension, Darkrai Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger Vatonage - the Comic are canon to Pokémon Adventures.
    • Also, the fact that Diamond is given the Manaphy egg refers to the ending of the former manga, as the Area Rangers, along with Professor Hastings, decided to give the Egg to a Trainer from the Sinnoh region.


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PS440 : The Final Dimensional Duel X
Platinum arc
PS442 : Out-Odding Oddish
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