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title_en=Different Dimension Battle VII|
title_en=Alternate Dimension Showdown VII|
title_ro=Different Dimension Battle VII |
title_ro=Different Dimension Battle VII |
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number=437 |
number=437 |
location=[[Distortion World]] |
location=[[Distortion World]] |
prev_round=Different Dimension Battle VI |
prev_round=Alternate Dimension Showdown VI |
next_round=Different Dimension Battle VIII|
next_round=Alternate Dimension Showdown VIII|
'''Different Dimension Battle VII''' (Japanese: '''異次元決戦VII''' ''Different Dimension Battle VII'') is the 437th round of the {{chap|Platinum}} in the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
'''Alternate Dimension Showdown VII''' (Japanese: '''異次元決戦VII''' ''Different Dimension Battle VII'') is the 437th round of the {{chap|Platinum}} in the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
== Synopsis ==
== Synopsis ==

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Alternate Dimension Showdown VII
Different Dimension Battle VII
Chapter Platinum
Collected in Vol. 40
Round number 437
Location Distortion World
Previous Round Alternate Dimension Showdown VI
Next Round Alternate Dimension Showdown VIII

Alternate Dimension Showdown VII (Japanese: 異次元決戦VII Different Dimension Battle VII) is the 437th round of the Platinum chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


In the Distortion World, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter are battling against Cheryl, Mira, and the team of Marley and Shaymin, respectively.

Mira's Alakazam starts out with Power Trick, swapping its Attack and Defense. Then it uses Guard Split, lowering its Special Defense but raising its Defense. Saturn asks how badly she wants to defend, says she's ruining her Psychic-type advantage, and has his Toxicroak use Poison Jab. Mira is getting ready to make it so that Saturn cannot deal any damage and make the battle long.

Meanwhile, Mars's Yanmega hits Cheryl's Blissey with its Bug Buzz. Cheryl tells Blissey to eat its Oran Berry, but Yanmega takes it away and eats it by using Bug Bite. Then Cheryl has her Blissey use Sing, putting Yanmega to sleep. Mars switches out for her Bronzor. It uses Heal Block, blocking recovery moves.

Jupiter has her Tangrowth use Natural Gift on Marley's Arcanine. (Natural Gift is an Electric-type move, meaning that Tangrowth is holding a Wepear, Pecha, Belue, or Wacan Berry.) Marley notes the type before Tangrowth uses Natural Gift again. (This time it is a Water-type move, meaning Tangrowth is holding a Nanab, Chesto, Durin, or Passho Berry.) Marley wonders how the move could be different types. Platinum throws her a Vs. Recorder. Tangrowth uses Natural Gift again, but Marley sees Jupiter give Tangrowth a Magost Berry, making the type Rock. Arcanine succesfully avoids it.

Palmer asks Platinum what she gave Marley and Platinum tells him that when she fought Jupiter before, Tangrowth used Natural Gift. Platinum found out the secret and logged it onto her Vs. Recorder. The secret of the move is that the type changes according to what the user is holding. If the user is holding a Rawst Berry, then Natural Gift is a Grass-type move; a Lum Berry, a Flying-type move. When Palmer speculates about how maybe a Pokémon could change type using an item, he is knocked away by something.

Diamond realizes he's in the Distortion World. Someone asks him how he knows it's the Distortion World and he says he touched it three times before: when Paka and Uji were sucked in, when he tried to go in at Spear Pillar, and last when Giratina used Shadow Force on him. Then he looks back at the person he was talking to, Cyrus.

Meanwhile, Pearl, the Sinnoh Pokémon Association Chairman, and Dr. Footstep find Turnback Cave and go into it.

Diamond says that Giratina is very powerful and angry and asks Cyrus how to counter its rampage.

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