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VS Rotom (Heat, Wash, Mow, Fan, Frost)
VS ロトム (ヒート ・ ウオッシュ ・ カット ・ スピン ・ フロスト)
VS. Rotom (Heat, Wash, Cut, Spin, Frost)
Chapter Platinum
Collected in Vol. 39
Round number 430
Location Route 205
Previous Round VS Dragonite
Next Round Alternate Dimension Showdown I

VS. Rotom (Heat, Wash, Mow, Fan, Frost) (Japanese: VS ロトム (ヒート ・ ウオッシュ ・ カット ・ スピン ・ フロスト) VS. Rotom (Heat, Wash Cut, Spin, Frost)) is the 430th round of the Platinum chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


At Sinnoh Route 205, the Sinnoh Pokémon Association Chairman begins to brief Diamond and Pearl on their mission, but is quickly interrupted by the enthusiastic Dr. Footstep who has been collecting footprints ever since the beginning of their journey, slowing everyone down much to Pearl's irritation. The Chairman is confused why Dr. Footstep is tagging along, to which Diamond reveals Gi the Regigigas to the shocked Chairman. Diamond explains that ever since Gi helped resolve the crisis with Dialga and Palkia, it refused to come out of its Poké Ball, so he had invited Dr. Footstep to read Gi's thoughts.

The Chairman proceeds to brief the two boys on why he had asked to join forces: based on Charon's notebook and the details of various legendary Pokémon in Sinnoh, he guessed that Charon is seeking to obtain all the legendary Pokémon and wishes to stop him. One of these Pokémon is Rotom, and the boys reveal that they were asked to investigate Rotom by Professor Rowan as they had previously encountered it before. Dr. Footstep is disinterested in Rotom as it has no footprints for him to collect, and Pearl suggests that he and Diamond go alone, shaking off the two men which have begun to unnerve him.

Later that night, the two Trainers stand outside the Old Chateau, remarking on the mansion's spooky state. Pearl annoyedly reminds Diamond that he had volunteered them for the search for Rotom, forcing them to journey into hallways filled with Gastly that torment them during night-time when Rotom appears. The group makes their way to the television room where Rotom reveals itself; Diamond's Kit and Pearl's Dighiko attempt to attack but as a result of Rotom's Ghost typing and ability in Levitate, their attacks fail. Rotom mischeviously shocks them before escaping to the Galactic building in Eterna City. Finding a Secret Key with the word "Eterna" on it, the boys decide that heading to Eterna should be their next move.

At the restored building, the two eventually find their way to a Secret Room, which the Secret Key unlocks, revealing five strange appliances with odd-looking motors. Rotom appears to possess the washing machine, changing its form and attacking the boys with Hydro Pump. Before Diamond's Tru can attack, Rotom switches to the oven and attacks with Overheat instead. Pearl, reading the notes deciphered and copied from Charon's notebook, realizes that Rotom's special ability is to possess appliances with its plasma body, allowing it to change its type constantly and gain different attacks. Going into the fan, Rotom blasts the boys out of the building with Air Slash. The boys try to read up on its various forms before Rotom goes into the fridge and attacks them with Blizzard, freezing Tru's special Razor Leaf before it can hit. Rotom finally goes into the lawnmower and begins maniacally chasing the boys around the lawn. Pearl has a brainwave and leaves Diamond to hold Rotom back, returning to the Old Chateau to retrieve Rotom's television set where he hopes Rotom can be subdued in.

Upon returning, Pearl is surprised to find Diamond clad in his boxers, napping on the ground with Rotom where a design of Diamond's face has been cut into the grass. Roused awake, Diamond explains that Rotom had stopped chasing him to reveal the design of his face cut into the lawn, and he realized that Rotom was playing with them all along by showing off its abilities. Rotom then used its other forms to make snacks for Diamond and clean his clothes, and promptly fell asleep afterwards. As Rotom wakes up, Pearl marvels at the intrigue of Pokémon and their abilities and decides that Rotom should be strong enough to protect itself from Charon. However, Rotom decides to join the boys, and they accept.

At the Sendoff Spring, Marley appears with Oak's Letter in her hands, and beyond the spring, Paka and Uji are revealed to be alive in the Distortion World, having been trapped in the anomalous dimension where they know no regularity in time or space. Hiding from Giratina, they remark that the only thing they know is that they have been constantly evading the large Pokémon: apparently the only inhabitant of the strange realm. A vision of Eterna City appears, where Giratina moves through a void and changes into its Altered Forme, smashing the Eterna's statue to pieces as it lands in its place.

Major events


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  • When Diamond and Pearl are being attacked by Frost Rotom, Diamond orders Lax to use Razor Leaf, instead of Tru, who actually uses the move.
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