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== Major events ==
== Major events ==
* Candice, Maylene, and Platinum arrive at the meeting place after being beaten by Jupiter.
* [[Candice]], [[Maylene]], and {{adv|Platinum}} arrive at the meeting place after being beaten by [[Jupiter]].
* Platinum starts her last Sinnoh Gym battle with Volkner.
* {{adv|Platinum}} starts her last Sinnoh Gym battle with [[Volkner]].
=== Debuts ===
=== Debuts ===
==== Pokémon debuts ====
==== Pokémon debuts ====

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Shorting Out Electivire/VS Electivire
VS. Elekible
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 37
Round number 405
Location Spring Path
Previous Round Encountering Elekid
Next Round Halting Honchkrow

Shorting Out Electivire/VS Electivire (Japanese: VSエレキブル VS. Elekible) is the 405th round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Candice, Maylene, and Platinum arrive at the meeting place on Spring Path and find Volkner. Volkner sends out his Raichu and Elekid and uses discharge on the girls they are all injured and Candice yells at him. Volkner says he was disappointed because Byron said he would be meeting a dangerous enemy there. They then explain that the enemy is Jupiter, a commander from Team Galactic, and that she had just beaten all three of them. Platinum then introduces herself and bravely challenges Volkner to a battle to show him Jupiter's battle style. First she sends out Lopunny against his Elekid, using its speed Lopunny mimicked Jupiter's Sableye's Shadow Sneak attack and defeated Elekid. She then sends out her Rapidash against Volkner's Raichu, Rapidash shows him how Jupiter used her Tangrowth's Vine Whip attack to fight from a far distance by using its powerful flames. Volkner, now impressed by Platinum's skills and interested in battling Jupiter, sends out his most powerful Pokémon, Electivire. Platinum counters with her powerhouse, Empoleon, Empoleon uses its powerful Blizzard attack to show Volkner how Jupiter's Gastrodon used Blizzard as a shield. After the short battle Volkner decides to officially fight Platinum in a Gym battle, because he believes that if Platinum is able to get stronger and defeat him she will be able to beat Jupiter. The round ends as Empoleon and Electivire are about to clash.

Major events


Pokémon debuts







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