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PS387 : Striking Out Snover
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS389 : Cautious Clefairy
To and Fro with Froslass/VS Froslass
VS ユキメノコ
VS Yukimenoko
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 388 in Vol. 35
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 51 in Vol. 6
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Snowpoint Gym

To and Fro with Froslass/VS Froslass or New Faces and Victory (Japanese: VS ユキメノコ VS Yukimenoko or 新顔と勝利 Newcomers and Victory) is the 388th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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After defeating Snover in her Gym battle against Candice, Platinum is surprised when a large seed comes flying into the air. It crashes into Empoleon's head, rendering it unable to continue battling. Candice explains that the seed came from a Seed Bomb attack that Snover had used just before Empoleon had knocked it out.

Candice then sends out her Froslass as Platinum switches in Rapidash. Platinum is surprised at how fast her Pokémon has become after evolving from a Ponyta, and hopes she can utilize its speed to win the battle as soon as possible so she can travel to Lake Acuity. Despite Rapidash's speed, it is struck by an attack from Froslass and collapses. When Platinum tells Rapidash to heal itself with Rest, Candice frowns.

Candice accuses Platinum of trying to rush the battle, and becomes furious that she is not focused on winning. She storms over to Platinum, whose travel guide slips to the ground. Candice picks up the guide, and is surprised to see a bookmark on the section for Lake Acuity. Candice is able to deduce that Platinum's goal has always been to visit Lake Acuity, and the only reason she came to the Snowpoint Gym was to thank Candice after she rescued her from the cold. Candice tells Platinum that they don't have to battle, but before Platinum can respond, she commands Froslass to use Wake-Up Slap on Rapidash.

From the window, Maylene watches as Rapidash takes great damage from the attack. As Candice considers stopping the battle, Platinum questions whether she can still win the fight. She reveals that she has caught a new Pokémon, but she has never battled with it before. When Candice switches in her Abomasnow, Platinum sends out a Lopunny, but hesitates to make any moves. Candice scolds Platinum for being unfocused, telling her that her lack of concentration won't aid her against Team Galactic.

Candice commands for Abomasnow to use Ice Shard, and Lopunny is buried under a thick layer of snow. Platinum asks how Candice knows about Team Galactic, and she reveals that she will explain if Platinum is able to show her focus in battle. Platinum calls for Lopunny to jump back into action, and it circles Abomasnow at a rapid pace. Abomasnow attempts to attack with Focus Blast, but Lopunny dodges. Platinum commands for it to use Jump Kick, and it manages to knock out Abomasnow.

With Abomasnow down, Candice sends Froslass back into the battle. Platinum attempts to have Lopunny use Jump Kick once more, but Froslass grabs it and pins it to the ground. Lopunny stops flailing, and Candice begins to celebrate her win. Suddenly, Maylene warns Candice that the battle isn't over. Froslass is struck by Rapidash before it has time to process what is happening. It is rendered unable to battle, and Candice is shocked. Platinum reveals that she had her Lopunny use Healing Wish to restore Rapidash's health, and that she came up with the idea after Candice encouraged her to focus.

Candice awards Platinum with the Icicle Badge, then suggests for her to catch one of the wild Ice-type Pokémon that gather in the Gym. Candice reveals that she learned about Team Galactic from Byron, and tells her that having another Pokémon may help her fight them. She agrees to take Platinum to Lake Acuity, then calls out to Maylene to invite her to come along. The three depart together, vowing to protect Sinnoh.

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PS387 : Striking Out Snover
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS389 : Cautious Clefairy
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