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* [[Cynthia]]
* [[Cynthia]]
* [[Cynthai's grandmother]]
* [[Cynthai's grandmother]]
* [[Several Guards]]

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VS. Magby
VS ブビィ
VS. Buby
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 34
Round number 384
Location Fuego Ironworks
Previous Round VS. Wingull
Next Round VS. Houndoom

VS. Magby (Japanese: VSブビィ VS. Buby) is the 384th round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Episode start with that familar face from last episode was Luxray that he had met several weeks ago.They greet each other then he try to enter the building.Luxray leaf Pearl to the hole that can get into the building and decide to join Pearl's party.Pearl accidently step on the transfer belt and got hurt many times.Then Luxray use its ability to locate the sound of people.They got into battle fight many Magby after that.Pearl suddenly step on tranfer belt again and this time it lead to burning furnace. The scene was cut to Cynthia as she come to visit her grandmother.She has conversation with her grandmother scroll that cyrus had read.At the end of episode she retrive scroll form her grandmother and decide to protect it.

Major events

  • Pearl is reunited wth a Luxray he had met several weeks ago.
  • Pearl rescues Mr. Fuego and his Shellos from a bricked up wall.
  • Pearl suddenly steps on the transfer belt heading straight to the burning furnace.


Pokémon debuts