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title_en=Winning Over Wingull/VS. Wingull |
title_en={{tt|Winning Over Wingull|Viz Media}}/{{tt|VS. Wingull|Chuang Yi}} |
title_ja=VS キャモメ |
title_ja=VS キャモメ |
title_ro=VS. Camome|
title_ro=VS. Camome|

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Winning Over Wingull/VS. Wingull
VS キャモメ
VS. Camome
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 34
Round number 383
Location Route 205
Previous Round Vexing Vespiquen & Unmanageable Mothim II
Next Round Maddening Magby

Winning Over Wingull/VS. Wingull (Japanese: VSキャモメ VS. Camome) is the 383th round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Pearl is found climbing a rocky hill with his Pokémon, after of which, he spots Eterna City (through the Eterna Forest), with his main objective being Lake Valor. He gets his binoculars and sees a strange building with pikes, the very same building Diamond was talking about before, but it seems that some helicopters are taking off the heliport...

Pearl then decides to climb off through the Forest side, when Chatler senses danger, and warns Pearl about two Wingull approaching. The two hit him and make him lose balance, hitting his head in the fall. Pearl then angrily commands Chatler to use Pluck on the wild Wingull twice. But, even if Chatler is faster than them, it is tired and Wingull's Roost move heals them, putting Chatler in a disadvantage, so Pearl retrieves it and sends Chimler to fight.

Chimler starts with Mach Punch to the rocks in order for them to fly off towards the pair of Wingull, but the rocks are spread and almost hit Chatler, as it narrowly dodges in the last second. Pearl then realizes that he is in a disadvantage, as Fire and Fighting moves are both ineffective with Wingull, and tries to escape; all before Chimler notices something below, pointing it out to Pearl; it's an injured Wingull.

Pearl then realizes that he was attacked because he was getting too close and apologizes, getting ignored by the pair of Wingull, as they jet past them, but the wind they caused throws the nest away, falling to the injured Wingull's certain death...

Pearl then throws himself off the hill in a desperate attempt to save the Wingull, falling to the void. Chimler jumps and manages to catch Pearl (who has the nest in his hands). They are back in safe land.

The pair of terrified Wingull rush in, and are relieved to see that the injured Pokémon is now recovered; and Pearl calmly leaves; before noticing he's lost. He jumped off the hill and landed somewhere else, not being Eterna Forest. He tries to track the river's flow, before finding himself near a strange, hot building. He then proceeds to read the sign, stating that they are in the Fuego Ironworks. He tries to sneak a peek inside the building, and notices that it's empty but disorganized. But suddenly he finds an Order Form thrown somewhere in the tables, and notices a similar sign, it's the emblem of the Team Galactic.

Pearl suddenly hears a weak call for help, and tries to get a way to enter, before a strong stomp startles him, he turns around, and sees a familiar face...

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