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VS. Vespiquen & Mothim I
VS ビークインとガーメイルI
VS. Beequen Gamale I
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 34
Round number 381
Location Iron Island
Previous Round VS. Lucario II
Next Round VS. Vespiquen & Mothim II

VS. Vespiquen & Mothim I (Japanese: VS ビークインと ガーメイルI VS. Beequen & Gamale I) is the 381th round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Episode begin with Riley examine the Steelix and he said that Steelix had used Rock polish to raise it speed but still defeated.So he change his plan.After a while Riley and Lucario got attacked and their eye was sealed by honey.They got attacked by two Cue Balls and they reveal that Riley's Lucario Sense was block by Mothim's Air Slash.So Diamond decide to battle instead of Riley.He command Torterra to use Razor Leaf but Vespiquen defend it with Defense Order.Diamond then started to explain that speed of leaf is depends on how many leaf had been shooted out.Then he command Toterra to use Razor Leaf with only one leaf.As the result vespiquen was knocked out making bees become panic and mothim movement was being confuse too.Episode end with Lucario quickly finish Cue Bones with Bone Rush,Flash Cannon,Aura Sphere and Close Combat.Egg has also been secured.

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