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VS. Lucario II
VS ルカリオII
VS. Lucario II
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 34
Round number 380
Location Iron Island
Previous Round VS. Lucario I
Next Round VS. Vespiquen & Mothim I

VS. Lucario II (Japanese: ルカリオII VS. Lucario II) is the 380th round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Episode opening that Munchlax and Sheildon was holding Steelix's attack.Diamond decide that he must become stronger and command Toterra to use crunch.Battle continue and end when Steelix leave the battle.Riley explain to Diamond that Steelix is strongest pokemon in this cave and he never completely defeat it.Diamond's training then continue.As the day past Diamond finish training on the third day.Scene was cut to Diamond cooking food.After Wild pokemon smell Diamond's food they all come.Diamond shares his food to wild pokemon. At night Diamond wake up and go on his special training.Byron phone in and have conversation with Riley,however Lucario sense something.The next day Riley explain Diamond about final course as he must ontain pokemon egg at the deepest base of the cave.While traveling Diamond encounter Steelix that he met on first day.

Major events

  • Diamond finishes his second task and succeeds.
  • Diamond's final task is to retrieve a Pokémon egg in the cavern from ambushing Pokémon.
  • Diamond runs into the Steelix he battled on his first day of special training.


Pokémon debuts