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VS. Lucario I
VS ルカリオI
VS. Lucario I
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 34
Round number 379
Location Iron Island
Previous Round VS. Gliscor
Next Round VS. Lucario II

VS. Lucario I (Japanese: VSルカリオI VS. Lucario I) is the 379th round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Episode opening at Iron Island as Riley explain about the island and take Diamond to training place.As Diamond's first training is fighting with Riley Lucario as3on1 battle.Lucario is pitted against Muchlax, Sheildon, and Toterra and with strong moves like Close Combat and Aura Sphere, he puts them into a tight spot before catching Wig's Wood Hammer and holding him while his Aura Sphere's fall from the sky and defeat Diamond's Pokémon.Riley explain after battle that Diamond's party have very good defense but still weak in speed.He take Diamond to the cave and said that Diamond should start training with first course"Course A"He say that Diamond must travel trough the cave at least 5times and explain that each time their will be wild pokemon appear. Scene was cut to Diamond traveling in the cave and he got attacked by Steelix.He react by let Sheildon use its head to hold on attack and after that his Munchlax to hold on Steelix tail.Riley then start talking about Galactic plan.At the end of episode Riley said that Diamond should be hurry he has only three days left.

Major events

  • Diamond starts his special training with Riley having a 1 on 3 battle and losing.
  • Diamond's second task is to make his way down to the lower part of the cavern and only every floor there will be powerful Wild Pokémon.


Pokémon debuts