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VS. Gliscor
VS グライオン
VS. Glion
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 34
Round number 378
Location Canalave City out to Sea
Previous Round VS. Rapidash
Next Round VS. Lucario I

VS. Gliscor (Japanese: VSグライオン VS. Glion) is the 378th round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Episode opening with captain of the ship start working and he walk to his boat. He soon realize that Diamond was on his ship and eat all food supply. He decide to take Diamond back to shore. However he soon found that all of his employer has been knocked down. Wild Gliscor appeared and start attacking. It seem that Gliscor stragety was elemental fang. Diamond start fighting with it and command his Munchlax to split its berry out of its fur and throw at Gliscor to buy time. After that he command his sheildon to rubs its head againt Toterra's tree. When Gliscor bite Sheildon's head it was to hard and make Gliscor feel pain in its mouth. Diamond then explain that Sheildon is steel-type and has very hard head, by rubbing its head with large tree make its defense go higher. By using this advantage he commend Torterra to use Razor Leaf as finishing blow. He then handle Byron's letter to the captain. Then the captain allow Diamond to stay on the ship. After that they faced another problem,a very big rock. The rock was then destroyed by Flash cannon from mystery pokemon on mystery boat. Riley then introduce himself to Diamond.

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