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Hurrah for Rapidash/VS. Rapidash
VS ギャロップ
VS. Gallop
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 34
Round number 377
Location Canalave City/Route 204 (Pearl)/Route 211 (Plat)
Previous Round Startling Staraptor
Next Round Grumpy Gliscor

Hurrah for Rapidash/VS. Rapidash (Japanese: VSギャロップ VS. Gallop) is the 377th round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


The round starts with Professor Rowan and Platinum's father rejecting Platinum's decision, thinking it was too dangerous. However, Platinum doesn't listen and starts riding her Ponyta. Inspired by her determination, it evolves into Rapidash. She explains that she heard about Team Galactic's plan the previous night. After a conversation with Byron, he send out Bronzong to prove Platinum's ability. Byron states that he agrees with Platinum and he says she reminds him about his son. Her father finally allows her to go on her journey and permits Diamond and Pearl to escort her. Professor Rowan upgrades all of their Pokédexes and officially gives a Pokédex to Diamond and Pearl. Pearl starts to panic again as he thinks about Team Galactic's plan.

When he sees the Ribbon that Empoleon kept, it reminds him of his past and he says that problems are solved by the three of them. Pearl and Platinum start traveling to a lake, except for Diamond. Byron takes Diamond with him, saying that he needs special training. Later, at the ship, Byron explains to Pearl that he needs to get on the ship to start special training and then he gives his Shieldon to Diamond. The next morning, the trio wake up, but they don't hear the sound of a Pokédex and feel lonely. The round ends with all of them crying.

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