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VS. Staraptor
VS ムクホーク
VS. Staraptor
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 34
Round number 376
Location Canalave City
Previous Round VS. Bronzong II
Next Round VS. Rapidash

VS. Staraptor (Japanese: VSムクホーク VS. Staraptor) is the 376th round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


At the opening of episode, Scene was cut to Galactic building. Cyrus come to see Galactic's bomb. His servant explain the situation and he decide to start his plan next week. Scene was cut to Platinum as she sitting in front of gym. She was still shocked and can not endure to stay with Diamond and Pearl. However her father was still in the cage,so she can't yet leave the gym. At night Platinum still thinking and she was so tired that she fall as sleep. Then Galactic servant comes appear and explain the plan to Platinum and tell that he come to release her father. Platinum has nightmare (Future vision may be) from that. When she wake up in the morning, She start writing something. The scene was cut to Diamond and Pearl as they prepare to leave. They have some conversation with Byron. However before they could leave their pokedex emerge sounds as Platinum coming. She starting to reading what she had write. It seem she had recover from shocked and forgive Diamond, Pearl and also herself. She decide that she want them to stay with her. At the end of episode she decided to travel to stop Galactic's plan.

Major events


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