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A Bevy of Bidoof/VS. Bidoof
VS. Bippa
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 30
Round number 339
Location Jubilife City
Previous Round Stagestruck Starly
Next Round Extreme Luxio

A Bevy of Bidoof/VS. Bidoof (Japanese: VSビッパ VS. Bippa or ビッパとお嬢様 Bippa and Ojōsama) is the 339th round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


The chapter begins with Diamond enthusiastically watching another episode of Proteam Omega, his favourite animé, while Pearl evaluates the situation they are presently in. Interrupting Diamond, Pearl demands Diamond's input that their situation is somewhat strange; Diamond agrees that he's always found their 'escort mission prize' to be odd, but Pearl firmly believes that the girl is the cause of everything. Still under the impression that she is their tour guide, Pearl finds it aggravating that she refuses to state her name, bosses them around and books the most expensive hotel accommodation for the three of them. Therefore, Pearl has sent Chatler to spy on her to uncover any dirt. Upstairs, Platinum has a phone call with her butler, who addresses her as "Missy", and frantically repeats his own wish to "protect" her. Chatler repeats these terms to himself before leaving, but is startled by something.

Downstairs, Diamond and Pearl practice their comedy routine with their new Pokémon as the audience. Respectively, the two boys nickname their Pokémon, noting that Chimler is speedy and nimble while Tru is slow and sturdy, somewhat matching their Trainer's preferences. The two are suddenly alerted by Platinum's screams from upstairs, and everyone rushes to her aid to find a group of Bidoof furiously gnawing apart everything in the room. Pearl scans them on his Pokédex, but is surprised to see that the Bidoof's teeth are much longer than normal. Pearl tries to stop the Bidoof with his Pokémon, but is quickly overwhelmed by them as they cart Platinum off and storm out of the room, headed for Diamond. As he runs away, Diamond asks his Pokémon if they have any bright ideas, and gets a brainwave after watching Tru unable to bite through a cookie. Signalling the Bidoof, Diamond leads them to the roof via the elevator.

Shortly aftewards, Pearl staggeringly makes his way to the roof, where the Bidoof have apparently calmed down with Diamond and Platinum unharmed. Diamond explains that Bidoof normally gnaw on trees to pare their teeth down, but urbanization reduced the amount of trees they could gnaw on, forcing their teeth to grow uncomfortably long and drive them crazy. He had led them to the roof to gnaw on the giant, golden Staraptor statue where they calmed down, and cracks a horrible joke that prompts a laugh from Platinum. Pearl catches this, but Platinum reverts to her calm appearance and denies it. Pearl is then horrified to discover that the Bidoof had been gnawing on a solid gold statue, but as he whimpers about the prospects of having to pay for it, Platinum reassures him - to the boys' shock, Platinum reveals that she is the owner of the hotel.

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  • In the Chuang Yi translation, the hotel retains its Japanese name as Hotel Kotobuki.
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