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VS. Mukkuru
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 30
Round number 338
Location Sandgem Town/Jubilife City
Previous Round Epilogue
Next Round VS. Bidoof

VS. Starly (Japanese: VSムックル VS. Mukkuru) is the 338th round of the Diamond & Pearl chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


The story begins in the Berlitz House where Platinum's butler, Sebastian, brings her the item she has requested to her room. After Platinum remarks that it's a special day she puts on a pearl ring on her right hand, ultimate in refinement, and a diamond ring on her left, the ultimate toughness.

At the same time in Jubilife City, a new age stand-up comedy grand prix hosted by Jubilife TV is taking place. The first entrants are Diamond and Pearl from Twinleaf Town. Pearl imagines how their act will go in his head and that they'll win with their "Red Gyarados" act, but he finds Diamond and his Munchlax eating on stage and he gets mad and Diamond makes a clever remark which nobody in the audience appreciates and the duo quickly leave the stage. Outside, Pearl asks Diamond to explain what happened. After explaining what happened to Pearl, Diamond points out that they made the audience laugh and that drives Pearl insane and he yells at Diamond and tells him that the audience was laughing at his failure. After Pearl reminds why they started to do this they start practicing and the scene returns to Platinum.

Platinum is dressed casually. Sebastian starts crying because he won't see her for awhile and Platinum tries to comfort him. After Sebastian tells Platinum there are dangers out there, she reminds him that two bodyguards were hired to protect her, even though she thinks she doesn't need them. Then Sebastian tells her that she can order them to do anything and they will guard her all the way to the peak of Mt. Coronet. He confirms that they'll be waiting in front of Jubilife Building and they'll be wearing red and green mufflers. Then Platinum departs. On her way to Jubilife Building, Platinum opens the case she was carrying alongside her bag. In it are three Pokétches, three Poké Balls with the three Sinnoh starter Pokémon in them and three Pokédexes. She takes the Poké Ball in the middle and calls out Piplup.

The scene turns to Diamond and Pearl. While they are practicing their duoble-act the producer from the competition finds them and tells them that they've won the special award. He presents them travel tickets and tells them to go on the stage. As they both rush to the stage with their Pokémon, they bump into Professor Rowan and Platinum's father. Professor Rowan gets very angry and yells at them. The boys apologize and leave. Then the Professor and Platinum's father start talking about the event that's going on and it's good for Platinum to travel low key. They start talking about the noble Berlitz family's tradition. The clan is not only known to be wealthy and powerful, but it also raises scholars. As per tradition, heirs of the Berlitz family must journey to the peak of Mt. Coronet to gather materials in order to create a personalized accessory with the family crest for themselves. Professor Rowan thinks it's early for her to be doing this and even though her father agrees he tells him that she insisted on going and how hard it is to dissuade her once she sets her mind on something. Professor Rowan is also thankful because she has offered to record down the Pokémon she meets along her journey on the Pokédex. Then he reveals that he gave Platinum the items which she carries in the case. Then the two meet up with the bodyguards and give them their mission written in an envelope. After receiving the letter, the two bodyguards disappear in a flash.

The scene returns to Diamond and Pearl who are announced as the special prize winners. They open the prize, thinking it's just travel tickets. When they open it they find out that their goal of journey is Mt. Coronet and the reward is better than the grand prix prize and they think that this is the proof of their talents being recognized. In the background the producer is surprised to see them that excited about the prize, which is actually a free bicycle ride around the track in Sandgem Park.

Platinum is seen waiting infront of the Jubilife Building for her bodyguards. She tells Piplup that she's taking her and that the other two Pokémon are for her companion. She let's them out to welcome the two companions. Turtwig and Chimcar come out. Platinum tells them to give the Pokédexes to her two companions who will be arriving shortly. Then she spots Diamond and Pearl who are wearing red and green mufflers respectively. She directly assumes that they are the ones. At the same time Diamond is questioning the prize which says they have a mission, but Pearl disagrees and tells him it's a hidden camera show and that they are trying to surprise them. While they're talking Turtwig and Chimchar jump on them. Then Diamond spots Platinum and thinks she's pretty and elegant as if she's a princess. At the same time Pearl is fighting for his life against Chimchar.

Suddenly a pack of Starly attack them. Platinum tells them to get rid of them. Turtwig, Chimchar, Munchlax and Chatot fight against the Starly and beat them. After that Pearl assumes that Platinum is their tour guide. Dumbfounded by their quick victory against the Starly, Platinum thinks her father and Professor Rowan chose those two because they are good and they are almost the same age as her so they wouldn't stand out. Then she asks them their names. After learning their names she turns away which makes Pearl angry and he asks her for her name and she simply tells him that her butler warned her to not give her name out to commoners, which drives Pearl insane. Then they start their journey to the peak of Mt. Coronet. At the same time the original bodyguard are on a seesaw at Sandgem Park.

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