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Chapter Emerald
Collected in Vol. 29
Round number 337
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round The Final Battle IX
Next Round Stagestruck Starly

Epilogue (Japanese: Epilogue), is the 337th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga and last round in the Emerald chapter.


Emerald awakes to find himself in the Battle Frontier's accommodation, fully rested and unaware of the time. He begins relieving himself over the balcony of his room, but is interrupted by an umbraged Crystal and the rest of the Pokédex holders. Gold explains that Emerald had slept through the day until evening, and Emerald is greeted by his Sceptile and Dusclops. Red, Gold and Crystal reveal that the rest of Emerald's Pokémon have become acquainted with their counterparts owned by Emerald's seniors; indeed, Emerald gazes at the Battle Frontier landscape and finds that the four Pokémon pairs have formed loving couples.

As he fixes his hair, the Frontier Brains enter the room, with Anabel thanking Emerald for his assistance in resolving the crisis and awarding him with the Ability Symbol, to the boy's confusion. Anabel admits that despite Guile Hideout's mind-control over her, she was still aware of what happened - and pointed out that despite the situation, Emerald followed all the rules of the Battle Tower when facing her and Raikou, thereby officiating the fight that ensued between the two of them. Emerald and Todd suddenly realize that with the given date, Emerald has only one day to complete his challenge of collecting all seven Frontier Symbols within a week's time, and beg Tucker to allow Emerald to fight him. The injured Tucker is willing, but points out that his facility requires the Symbol to be fought for under a tournament setting. To everyone's surprise, Red proposes that the ten Pokédex holders duke it out in a tournament themselves, thinking that it would be fun. An enamoured Scott makes his sudden appearance, strongly agreeing with the idea and pointing out that Tucker is in no shape to battle anyway.

Gold, however, realizes that Scott is merely trying to cash in on the opportunity of a celebrity tournament; an accusation that Scott doesn't deny. Ranting that Scott's stipulation of leaving one of Jirachi's wishes made their mission all the more difficult, Gold demands to know what Scott wished from Jirachi, but Scott timidly reveals that he's already made his wish. Green notices Jirachi floating in the sky ahead, already preparing to enter its thousand-year sleep; with Sapphire's eyesight and Ruby scribing, Scott's wish is rewritten on a slip of paper which Blue reads: Scott wished for many visitors to come to the Battle Frontier, with over a hundred thousand on the opening day if possible. At that moment, four ships hailing from the four regions of Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Johto arrive. Emerald bids his final goodbyes to Jirachi, thanking it for helping him fulfil his wish to have friends, while his seniors discuss the upcoming tournament between them.

A month later, Crystal is back at Professor Oak's laboratory, where she reveals that the tournament between the Pokédex holders did take place and caused quite a stir; unfortunately, she quickly lost in the first round against Green. She shows Oak a photograph of the ten of them together, and the professor is intrigued by the high quality of the picture. Musing, he asks Crystal to put him in touch with Todd, inviting the young man to help him with a photographical project on a distant island inhabited only by Pokémon, which Todd gladly and excitedly accepts. Oak happily remarks that yet another crisis has been resolved, but Crystal is momentarily unsure: she recalls a flashback where she confronted Archie before he vanished, demanding to know where he received his armor, but the villain disappeared before he could reveal the truth.

Oak breaks Crystal's train of thought, concerned, but Crystal dismisses his query. Oak requests Crystal to send a message to his senior, Professor Rowan from the Sinnoh region, to come to Kanto for a final check of the ten Pokédexes. The chapter and arc ends with a final shot of the ten Pokédexes, along with a full set of the Frontier Symbols and the photo of all ten Pokédex holders.

Major events


Pokémon debuts






  • While no winner of the tournament was officially declared (the only matchup known being between that of Crystal and Green), it can be assumed that Emerald was the final winner given his full collection of the Frontier Symbols.
    • By extension, this also makes Tucker the only Frontier Brain that Emerald hasn't officially beaten; Emerald had merely physically subdued Tucker once and lost to him in an official match.
  • The four Pokémon couples (Snorlax, Mr. Mime, Mantine and Sudowoodo) appear to foreshadow their pre-evolutions that were introduced in the following generation.
  • Ruby and Sapphire acknowledge that Emerald and Todd's rush to plead with Tucker is strangely reminiscent.


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