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VS Sceptile
VS Jukain
Chapter Emerald
Collected in Vol. 28
Round number 322
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round VS Kirlia
Next Round VS Charizard I

VS Sceptile or Original Partner (Japanese: VSジュカイン VS Jukain or 本来のパートナー Original Partner) is the 322nd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The battle between Ruby's Mimi and Emerald's Sceptile continues. Sapphire is excited to see how serious Ruby is, but Tucker states that they have to have their match now. While Emerald and Ruby have their match, Sapphire and Rono face Tucker and his Salamence in battle. Emerald notes how tough Mimi is, as his strategy to paralyze her with Body Slam and attack repeatedly with Leaf Blade still hasn't defeated her.

Emerald has Sceptile use Focus Punch on Mimi, but Ruby reveals that Mimi has the Ability Marvel Scale, which raises her defense whenever she has a status ailment. Despite this, Emerald refuses to back down and sends Sceptile to attack. Emerald gets annoyed at Ruby's confidence, and gets disgusted when Ruby states that he believes in his Pokémon. Ruby reveals that at one point, he and Mimi were separated, but they managed to get back together again. Ruby's continued expression of his love for Mimi disgusts Emerald even further, who claims that it is killing him.

Ruby points out how despite Emerald claims to find believing in Pokémon disgusting, he is actually really close to his Sceptile. This angers Emerald, and he has Sceptile move in to finish Mimi off with a Leaf Blade. Sceptile goes in for the strike, but Scott notes that the attack would have worked if Mimi hadn't already frozen it with Blizzard. Emerald calls out to Sceptile, but Sceptile is too frozen and can't move. Sceptile remembers Ruby's statement about how separated people will get always be together in the end if they truly belong together.

Sceptile flashes back to his time as Professor Birch's Treecko, when Kyogre caused Littleroot Town to flood. Professor Birch tells Treecko about Emerald, who, despite being a strange person, will be its partner. The flashback goes on, showing the events of Treecko being separated from Birch, being rescued by Wally, teaming up with him at the Sky Pillar, evolving into Grovyle, and awakening Rayquaza.

After being blasted off of the Sky Pillar, Grovyle ends up on some island, where it evolves into its current state. Although surprised to see its new form, Sceptile is knocked unconscious by Guile Hideout, where it was slipped into the Battle Frontier as a rental Pokémon to scare away the press. Emerald calms the rampaging Sceptile down with his E Shooter with the soil he got from Littleroot Town, Sceptile's birthplace.

Sceptile breaks free from his ice prison, which allows him to attack and defeat Mimi, making Emerald the victor of the battle. Ruby states that his hunch was right, and that Sceptile is actually the Treecko that was owned by Professor Birch. With Sceptile's amnesia cured, Ruby asks it if it remembers him. Sceptile remembers to back when Ruby picked Mumu, because he thought that the Mudkip looked better than it. Angered, Sceptile begins attacking Ruby and chases him around the area. Sapphire comes back, stating that she was defeated by Tucker. This causes Emerald to realize that his next opponent is Tucker in the finals. Elsewhere, Guile appears in some room.

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