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VS Vileplume II
VS ラフレシア II!!
VS Ruffresia II!!
Chapter Emerald
Collected in Vol. 28
Round number 320
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round VS Vileplume I
Next Round VS Kirlia

VS Vileplume II (Japanese: VS ラフレシア II!! VS Ruffresia II !!) is the 320th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


In the Battle Dome, an Aroma Lady that Emerald is up against orders a Giga Drain from her Vileplume. Dusclops, however, manages to dodge and faints Vileplume with a head-on Fire Punch. Scott congratulates Emerald on his win, and Emerald explains that with the Battle Points he accumulated from the other facilities he visited, he made a few changes to his Pokémon's movesets. He begins to refer to the nearby chart, and Scott confirms that the Battle Dome emphasizes the use of "Tactics", in order to discern the strengths and weaknesses of opponents. Emerald soon charges into his next battle against a Ranger.

On the S.S. Tidal, a wedding between Wanda and Riley is held - with an awestruck Sapphire and her mentor, Winona as part of the congregation. Winona explains that she was obliged to grace the event given Wanda and Riley's help in the evacuation of Hoenn, and Sapphire jokes that Winona could consider a romantic wedding herself. Winona shyly eyes Wallace from afar standing next to Ruby, reminding Sapphire that her past relationship with Wallace didn't quite work out. Sapphire is certain that Wallace was serious over Winona given that he renounced his Championship title to be with her, but Winona admits that she felt uncomfortable with another person she could not match up to. Sapphire continues to tease Winona until Winona responds with asking her about her relationship with Ruby. Angrily, Sapphire explains that she thinks the relationship is over, because every time she attempted to bring up their joint confession, Ruby would claim no memory of the event or how they resolved the crisis in Hoenn. Sapphire rants that while Ruby claimed that his memory loss was a result of moving in and out of Mirage Island's anomalous time patterns, she is adamant that he is purposely avoiding the issue. Ruby, alerted by Sapphire's outburst, moves over, and the two begin to bicker until Wallace gently reminds them that they're here on a mission: to journey to the Battle Frontier and meet up with the third Pokédex holder from Hoenn.

At Professor Oak's laboratory, Oak thanks Professor Birch for deploying Ruby and Sapphire to help Emerald out. Birch begins to reminisce about Treecko, one of the Pokémon he had on hand along with Torchic, Mudkip and three Pokédexes. The latter two Pokémon were given to Sapphire and Ruby, but due to him being caught in a flood Birch lost track of Treecko and his last Pokédex. The last he'd heard of both were from a boy named Wally, who had found both and returned the Pokédex with a letter, which explained his circumstances and mentioned that Treecko had evolved into a Grovyle. However, as a result of Rayquaza's departure, Grovyle was apparently blasted away and Wally lost track of it then. Nonetheless, Birch is hopeful that Grovyle is faring well.

Back at the Dome, Emerald achieves his victory against the Ranger and goes to relieve himself. Ruby and Sapphire, having disembarked from the S.S. Tidal, discuss their mission to find the third Pokédex holder; Sapphire reveals that her father told her that the three Pokédexes would give off a unique beeping noise when in proximity. At that point, the Pokédexes begin to ring, prompting the two to search for the third Pokédex. Looking up at the Battle Dome, Ruby and Sapphire begin to marvel at a rainbow coming from the rooftop before recoiling in horror: the rainbow was a result of Emerald's cascading urine. Annoyed by the beeping noise, Emerald turns in the direction of Ruby and Sapphire to investigate, making the two scream from the moving stream of urine. A perturbed Ruby, annoyed Sapphire and Sceptile turn off the Pokédex resonation signal, surprising Emerald who hadn't guessed Sceptile knew what the sound was. Emerald demands Ruby and Sapphire's identities, only to be annoyed by Ruby inspecting his clothes for pee and Sapphire irked by Ruby's fastidious behaviour. Less than impressed, Emerald repeats his queries, and Ruby and Sapphire formally introduce themselves as allies for Emerald.

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