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VS Shedinja II
VS ヌケニンII!!
VS Nukenin II!!
Chapter Emerald
Collected in Vol. 28
Round number 318
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round VS Shedinja I
Next Round VS Vileplume I

VS Shedinja II (Japanese: VS ヌケニンII!! VS Nukenin II !!) is the 318th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Continuing her match against Emerald, Greta attempts to push for a knockout and prevent the final round for reaching evaluation per the rules of the Battle Arena, ordering a SolarBeam from her Shedinja that sends Emerald's Sudowoodo flying. As Sudowoodo lies on the arena floor, Emerald quietly declares that he's lost, but Todd points out that Sudowoodo is struggling to get up. Todd encourages Emerald to cheer for Sudowoodo, reminding the boy that his Pokémon believe in him; awkwardly, Emerald manages to cheer Sudowoodo on, who stands up on its feet to Greta's surprise. Evaluation occurs, ruling that Emerald wins by a score of 4 to 2.

Greta proceeds to award Emerald the Guts Symbol, thanking Emerald for the great match and apologizing for thinking him a coward. Emerald tiredly accepts the Symbol, prompting Greta to realize that the boy and his team are exhausted. Greta disapproves of Emerald camping out in the open and invites him to stay in the challengers' accommodation, and Emerald collapses in sleep. As the other Brains look on, Noland appears behind them, having awoken from his coma and offers his help - he analyzed metal powder scraped from Guile Hideout's sword when he was attacked, and found properties similar to the moves Reflect and Light Screen. Anabel guesses that Guile's sword protects him from all attacks when he slashes with it, creating a temporary void that blocks and reflects attacks. Noland volunteers to continue deciphering Professor Oak's report on Jirachi, and Scott permits him. Tucker suggests to Spenser that they train, but the elder Brain declines and departs to the Battle Palace for rest, briefly muttering "Guile Hideout" under his breath.

Later that night, Greta and Todd escort the sleeping Emerald and team to his room, placing his Pokémon in the provided restoration machine. Greta attempts to dress Emerald for bed, eventually throwing off all his clothes when frustrated by Emerald's gigantic platform shoes, surprising both herself and Todd when Emerald turns out to be a midget - his arms and legs have been extended with his extender hands and Poké Ball-filled platform shoes. Todd ushers a stunned Greta out of the room for Emerald's privacy, when Emerald's Sceptile, Sudowoodo and Dusclops emerge, fully healed, and worriedly look over their Trainer.

Sudowoodo suddenly has a brainwave, and squeezes Magost Berry juice to feed the sleeping Emerald. Todd guesses that Sudowoodo's nursing behaviour indicate that it's a female, when Sceptile jealously cuts up a platter of Berries for Emerald. Todd realizes that the two Pokémon are fighting over the right to care for Emerald as they rapidly prepare various mouthwatering Berry-based dishes. Dusclops, unable to cook and join the competition, summons up a black hole that (to Todd's dismay) consumes all the prepared food, and begins to draw Emerald in. A desperate tug-of-war occurs between the three Pokémon until Emerald is jolted awake from the pulling.

Shortly after, Emerald exasperatedly expresses his annoyance to Todd as his Pokémon shamefully sit in the corner. Emerald explains that since he'd never owned Pokémon before, he didn't expect them to fight over him and he is troubled by this development. Recalling how he cheered Sudowoodo on, the boy is frustrated at how something like that resulted in a significant change in the battle, which he had always believed to be rooted in understanding the mechanics of Pokémon battles. Todd admits that he cannot offer Emerald advice, since he isn't a Trainer himself.

At the Battle Factory, Noland continues to decipher the Jirachi report, and is joined by Brandon who offers him coffee. Brandon wonders what a person might wish from Jirachi as Noland hypothesizes that the report details an eyewitness account of a person who had their wish granted by Jirachi one millennium ago. One passage, in particular, mentions the word "eye" a lot. With help from Brandon, Noland deciphers the passage: Jirachi will only grant the wish of a person who meets eye-to-eye with Jirachi's third eye when it opens, allowing Jirachi to peer inside their heart. Elsewhere, Jirachi freely flies about as the third eye on its chest opens.

Major events

  • Emerald defeats Greta and earns the Guts Symbol.


Pokémon debuts





  • Emerald's room number, 201, appears to be a reference to Jirachi's number in the Hoenn Pokédex.


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