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VS Smeargle
VS ドーブル
VS Doble
Chapter Emerald
Collected in Vol. 27
Round number 314
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round VS Regice
Next Round VS Surskit I

VS Smeargle (Japanese: VS ドーブル VS Smeargle) is the 314th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the twelfth round of the Emerald chapter.


The round begins with Emerald changing his shoes into mini skis, and grabs onto a rein that's hooked onto Latios and Latias. He tells the Frontier Brains to follow him as they set out on the open sea, as a flashback sets the stage for the chapter.

The flashback starts with Emerald showing everyone Jirachi's Pokédex entry and explains that it was the Pokémon that was seen in the sky during the match. The Frontier Brains start to yell at Emerald and say that they have never heard of such a Pokémon and are about to tackle him, when Salon Maiden Anabel stops them and says she's heard about it before. She explains it's a very rare Pokémon that wakes up only once in a 1000 years, and grants the wish of whoever is able to capture it.

Dome Ace Tucker doesn't believe the legend and Brandon mentions that anyone who witnessed it before wouldn't be alive to confirm it. Anabel agrees that few people have heard of Jirachi and believe in its existence, at which she points out that the fact that Emerald's Pokédex was able to display information on Jirachi is proof it exists. Emerald agrees, and states that while he was using the Pokédex to help in finding Jirachi, its location ability works only on regular Pokémon. Explaining that Jirachi had actually landed on Earth during the earlier battle, he starts to take off after it. Just as he's about to leave he's stopped by Tucker who asks if the only reason he challenged the Battle Frontier was to capture Jirachi, to which Emerald states that defeating Battle Frontier is his hobby while capturing Jirachi is his job, and the two just happened to coincide on the very same seven days. Tucker gets angry about the thought that the criminal who stole all the rental Pokémon is still on the loose, and must be captured at once. Greta then realizes that the person who stole the Pokémon may be waiting for their chance to capture Jirachi. Emerald confirms Greta's theory, though Greta reminds Emerald that he is still under suspicion. At this, Emerald suggests that the Frontier Brains follow him as proof of his innocence.

The chapter shifts back to the present where everybody lands on an island containing Artisan Cave. The group enters the cave and are attacked by a large group of Smeargle, and Emerald just bounces pass them choosing not to fight. Todd Snap questions why Emerald doesn't use his weapon that calms Pokémon down, and then realizes that Emerald doesn't like fighting battles just for the sake of fighting - instead, he likes battles that have a set of rules and guidelines, meaning battles against wild Pokémon don't interest him.

Meanwhile the Frontier Brains are attacking the Smeargle and slowly are pushing their way through the cave, and Todd encounters the Sudowoodo that he had accidentally watered as well as the Dusclops Emerald encountered and calmed in the Battle Pike. The two Pokémon were so fond of Emerald they decided to follow him. The Frontier Brains catch up to Emerald who is found in an open area looking up at a sleeping Jirachi. Jirachi wakes up and spreads out thus causing a huge flash of light, and Emerald takes out his Poké Balls to figure out which one to use, asking Crystal for advice on his PokéGear. Emerald decides and runs toward Jirachi, while a loud clanging is heard and a shadowy figure is seen.

Major Events


Pokémon debuts






  • When Emerald revealed all his Poké Balls, the Luxury Ball goes by its Japanese name, the Gorgeous Ball.
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