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VS Milotic
VS ミロカロス
VS Milokaross
Chapter Emerald
Collected in Vol. 27
Round number 309
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round VS Kirlia
Next Round VS Shuckle

VS Milotic (Japanese: VS ミロカロス VS Milokaross) is the 309th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the seventh round of the Emerald chapter.


Emerald is in his first room in the Battle Pike, facing a Kirlia and a Dusclops in a Tag Battle, with Todd, Lucy, and the reporters watching. Emerald chooses to use Rapidash and Starmie, but Rapidash is immediately frozen by Dusclops, and Starmie is asleep from Kirlia's move. Todd is worried that Emerald will be defeated so early, but Emerald is ready - Rapidash gets out of the ice with Flame Wheel, and Starmie wakes up thanks to its held Lum Berry. With Double-Edge and Thunderbolt, Emerald then wins the battle and moves to the next hall.

Todd comments on how Emerald brought the perfect Pokémon to deal with negative status effects, and wonders who's the person who sent Emerald to the Battle Frontier and gave him the Pokémon. Meanwhile, Emerald chooses his next room, but instead of another virtual Trainer, he finds a man just walking by and commenting on the weather. Lucy explains to a confused Todd that this is why the Battle Pike is a test of luck - there are many different kinds of events each room can trigger: Tag Battles, Single Battles, conversations, healing, negative status effect battles, wild Pokémon battles, and many others. In extreme cases, a very lucky Trainer can finish the Battle Pike without a single scratch. Very unlucky Trainers don't stand a chance.

Time passes, and Emerald reaches his 42nd room - the last one on the third set - where he faces a wild Milotic. Instead of battling, Emerald just runs away from the battle. Since he completed another set, Todd is able to talk to him, and asks him why he ran away. Emerald explains that since it was a wild Pokémon battle, if he's fast enough, he can run away and avoid any damage. He also tells Todd that in each hall, he is given "hints" about what each room contains by the maid.

As the fourth set begins, the maid in the first hall tells Emerald that she heard whispering coming from the door to the right. Emerald rightly guesses that it is a Tag Battle, and Todd understands what Emerald meant. Emerald gets through more and more rooms, and Lucy tells Todd that Emerald is doing very well - the Battle Pike doesn't just test "pure luck" - it tests if a Trainer has what it takes to draw luck towards him. She then leaves, and Todd watches as the next maid tells Emerald all three doors he's facing will lead him to a terrifying event. They then realize that Emerald is standing in the very last hall of the tenth set - and he is finally about to face Lucy herself! Emerald enters the room, and sends his Blissey to use a Seismic Toss on Lucy's Seviper.

Meanwhile outside the Battle Factory, Scott and some of the Frontier Brains call out to Noland to come with them and watch Lucy's battle with Emerald. Through the window, Noland tells them that he can't because he's busy checking something. Noland then goes back to his computer, and tries to figure out where's the Sceptile that Emerald used against him. As he tries to think if someone could've broken into the management room, he is suddenly attacked by an unseen opponent from behind.

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