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next_round=VS Kirlia}}
next_round=VS Kirlia}}
'''VS Glalie''' (Japanese: '''VS オニゴーリ''' ''VS {{tt|Onigohri|Glalie}}'') is the 307th round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] {{pkmn|manga}}.
'''VS Glalie''' or '''A Suspicious Shadow''' (Japanese: '''VS オニゴーリ''' ''VS {{tt|Onigohri|Glalie}}'' or '''怪しき影''' ''A Suspicious Shadow'') is the 307th round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] {{pkmn|manga}}.

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VS Glalie
VS オニゴーリ
VS Onigohri
Chapter Emerald
Collected in Vol. 26
Round number 307
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round VS Pinsir
Next Round VS Kirlia

VS Glalie or A Suspicious Shadow (Japanese: VS オニゴーリ VS Onigohri or 怪しき影 A Suspicious Shadow) is the 307th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201

The third and final Pokémon Emerald sends out to combat Noland is a Sceptile. Emerald tells it to use an attack, but Noland has his Golem use Rock Slide before he can finish giving the command. A thick cloud of dust covers the area, preventing anyone from properly seeing the battle. Suddenly, the reporter is shocked to see that Emerald is being attacked by Sceptile, who has gone into a berserk state. Having no choice, Emerald pulls out his E Shooter and fires at Sceptile.

This causes Sceptile to be calmed down just as the dust cloud settles. With Sceptile calm again, Emerald and Noland continue their battle. Emerald has Sceptile use Leaf Blade on Golem, instantly defeating it. Down to his last Pokémon, Noland sends out his last team member, a Glalie. The reporter gasps in horror while the Frontier Brains smile with glee at seeing a Pokémon that has an advantage over Emerald's.

Noland has Glalie use Crunch, which not only has Glalie clamp on Sceptile with its teeth, but freezes its arm with Glalie's ice-cold breath. Sceptile tries recovering some health by eating some of its Leftovers, but Brandon and Tucker point out that the item won't help Emerald for long. The reporter gets worried, as he checks a book to reveal that Glalie has one final trump card — the move Sheer Cold.

Glalie lets go of Sceptile and prepares its next attack. The reporter worries that it's Sheer Cold, only for Glalie to fire an Ice Beam from its eyes. Sceptile dodges the attacks and several more with Detect, but Noland points out that the move gets weaker with each consecutive use. Glalie is commanded to use Sheer Cold, which it does by firing a powerful blast at Sceptile. Sceptile falls to the ground, and everyone assumes that it was defeated by the attack.

Despite being hit by the powerful move, Sceptile gets back up with no clear injuries. Confused, Noland wonders if his attacked missed, but gets distracted when Glalie starts faltering. When he investigates, Noland finds out that it has been hit with Leech Seed, which Emerald reveals was put on earlier in the battle. Sceptile hits its opponent with an Iron Tail, defeating Glalie and winning the battle, much to the horror of the Frontier Brains. Anabel, who has been watching the last part of the battle alone, leaves quietly.

Emerald begins to run off, but Noland tells him to wait and hands him the Knowledge Symbol, which is proof of the knowledge he has in him. The reporters, happy that it's finally over, get ready to interview both of them. Instead of being ready for interview, however, Noland and Emerald start discussing what Noland could've done differently, until the reporters yell at them to give them some more attention.

Later that night out on a hill, the reporter congratulates Emerald on his win and confronts him about the device he used to calm down the rampaging Sceptile. Emerald agrees to tell the reporter everything, and shows him Sceptile's Poké Ball, much to the reporter's horror. The reporter gets mad that Emerald took Sceptile without permission, but Emerald explains that he has to inspect it, since the reason it went berserk in the first place was because someone in audience shot a Poison Barb at it. Emerald then calls out to Latios and Latias, who emerge from the night sky and approach the boys.

Meanwhile at the Battle Pike, Greta tells Lucy that Brandon and Tucker are both completely rattled after Noland's defeat. Calmly, Lucy tells Greta that there's no reason to worry because she'll be the next one to take on Emerald.

Major Events

  • Emerald continues his battle against Noland.
  • During the battle, Sceptile goes on a rampage and begins attacking Emerald.
  • With his E Shooter, Emerald calms Sceptile down.
  • Emerald defeats Noland and receives the Knowledge Symbol.
  • Emerald reveals that he stole the Sceptile from the Battle Factory.


Pokémon debuts






  • Golem's Rock Slide is incorrectly referred as Avalanche in the Chuang Yi translation.

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